DiCaprio at the Olympics and 7 more twin stars

Leonardo DiCaprio is now in Rio! The other day, the network got a picture of the American archery Brady Ellison, who turned out to be just strikingly similar to the Oscar-winning actor. Woman's Day made inquiries about the life of the next double of Leo, and at the same time found out how to live other celebrity copies.

Brady Allison - Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Getty Images

Brady Allison is an American archery shooter who became famous for his games in Rio de Janeiro. In fairness it is worth noting that the athlete was noted not only a striking resemblance to the actor, but also helped his team win the bronze medal.

Brady is 27 years old, he was born in Glendale (Arizona) in the family of a hunter. The father often took the boy with him on the hunt. He first drew attention to the natural accuracy of his son and sent the child to the professionals - to learn archery.

From 17 years old the guy began to actively participate in competitions. And when Brady turned 18, he took part in junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) National Championships competitions.

The Olympic Games in Rio de Jayneiro are also not the limit of his dreams.Now the athlete is actively preparing for the Olympic Games in China. But on the personal life handsome does not apply. Although, maybe, with such a pace of training, he simply has no time left for the girls ... What a pity!

Roman Burtsev - Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Evgenia Smolyanskaya

- I am 33 years old. I live in Podolsk, I work as a senior expert in the call center for emergency services 112. Sometimes I repair office equipment, this is another source of income. In my free time I play chess and other logical games on the computer. I am not keen on sports, except in the morning I work out with dumbbells. Watching movies. I love science fiction, "The Adventures of Indiana Jones," action movies with Jackie Chan. Saw several pictures with DiCaprio. Most liked the "Start". The film “Survivor,” of course, is not bad, but it seems to me that in some moments the authors went too far. Although Leonardo himself played well, in my opinion, is worthy of an Oscar. But this will be decided by film academics.

The first time I was told that I looked like DiCaprio, about five years ago. Then he worked in a photo studio, and clients found similarities between us. He did not attach any significance, who knows what and what?Although now, when a lot of comparative pictures are walking on the Internet, and I myself see that in some way we are alike.

I notice that people on the street sometimes turn in my direction. But for the autograph is not suitable. I received several offers from television. I chose a reality show on the TV channel “Moscow 24” “Roman with DiCaprio”. Under the terms of the program, I must change before the Oscars on February 28th. Externally and internally. Shooting from morning till late evening. It is difficult, of course, but there is still strength. And interesting to the same. If they offer after this a permanent job in television or filming, I agree. Why not? I treat the glory that has fallen upon me as a test.

Heard, Di Caprio likes blondes more. In this regard, we are not like. I prefer brunettes, although I have nothing against blonde ones. I now often write girls on social networks, want to meet, meet, but there is no time for it yet.