Dessert "Strawberryfeast"

Dessert "Strawberry Celebration"- dessert, at the sight of which any child will be delighted. Preparing it is not difficult. Especially if you throw away the conventions and stereotypes and for a while feel like a child.


  1. pineapple (fresh);
  2. strawberry;
  3. Mandarins;
  4. heavy cream;
  5. Kiwi;
  6. dark chocolate;
  7. honey;
  8. mint leaves;
  9. sesame;
  10. mold for dessert;
  11. grater;
  12. mixer;
  13. pastry bag.


First, make a carpaccio of fresh pineapple. Peel the pineapple and cut into very thin slices.

Put the thin circles of pineapple on a flat plate. It is advisable to immediately choose the plate on which you want to serve the dessert.

Squeeze the juice from the tangerines to make 200 ml .. Clear the tangerine zest from the white film. Juice pour into the pan and begin to evaporate, adding to it 80 g of honey. Heat until the sauce is cured. Add the chopped mandarin zest and mix.

Beat the heavy cream with a mixer until thick (“so that the spoon is standing”). From kiwi we carve chairs for strawberries.

We take two metal rings, put small sliced ​​strawberries and kiwi in a small one, and between them and a large ring we squeeze whipped cream. Pour pineapple with mandarin sauce. Strawberry handles are made from dried peel and cream mouth. Sprinkle with hard chocolate and sit strawberries in the chair.

Dessert "Strawberry holiday" is ready.