Decorative textured paint for walls: features of choice

Properties of decorative textured paint

Textured paint - water dispersion coating, which has in its composition special thickeners. The composition also includes an acrylic binder, due to which the paint is weatherproof. This material is more resistant to mechanical stress, so it can be used on walls subject to abrasive wear. The main technical characteristics of textured paints: resistance to mechanical stress, atmospheric precipitation, frost resistance, non-toxicity, light resistance.Decorative textured paint has good vapor permeability, so it does not interfere with the regulation of humidity in the room.
When applied to the surface, this paint is given a specific texture using various fillers, tools and application technologies.Textured paint is applied to the walls without prior surface preparation. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the previous coating: it must have good adhesion to the wall.

Types of decorative textured paint

Before choosing a decorative textured paint should pay attention to its types. Ordinary paint forms a rough surface, such a material is acquired for finishing exterior surfaces that have large areas. For interior work it is better to buy a paint with a smoother structure, it forms a less embossed surface.
The paint, which has a rough texture, dries faster and creates a coating with more varied patterns than a material that has a smooth texture. However, it must be applied in a thicker layer, therefore, it will need more. When buying, you should also pay attention to the composition of the paint, if you wish, you can purchase material with filling with quartz sand or sawdust.

Additional materials for textured paint

To obtain an additional decorative effect, you can purchase a clear lacquer with the addition of creative pastes.Special pastes help to achieve changes in color depending on the strength and angle of illumination. Creative paste is also used as a putty for obtaining a complex color range. It is also possible to add tinting paste of the desired shade to the paint.Kohler can be applied to the walls after painting with textured paint.
To obtain the effect of "bark beetle" on sale is the same paint material. It is applied with a special teflon spatula. In the process of applying the tool is constantly moistened with water. Grains of the filler, which are part of the paint and create the effect of grooves, pull very carefully.