Winter Decor

Light neutral colors remain out of time, remaining at the peak of popularity among designers when it comes to creating an interior in winter colors. These colors are enriched with bright accents - furniture, accessories for the home.

Saturated colors, mixed with soft pastel tones, are ideal for winter and autumn decor. White and blue hues combined with golden brown and purple, green, black and red are most in demand. They create a stylish and pleasant interior, it is preferable to use a cold palette interspersed with warm colors.

Bright furniture, textiles and decorative things will warm and give comfort to the main cool background. Fresh and bold combinations create white and cobalt blue - this is the best choice for painting walls and home textiles. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins look rich and attract attention, being in harmony with the classic white and cream shade.

Modern decoration trends dictate certain conditions of the furniture industry:

  • Violet tones are becoming increasingly popular.This is an elegant and stylish option for the living room and bedroom.
  • Black and white furniture is used to create a winter interior. It is in harmony with both contrasting and similar wallpaper and bedding.
  • Designers spend a lot of time choosing the furnishings for the rooms. Dark gray, chocolate brown and dark purple upholstery made from natural fabrics, in particular flax, is relevant.
  • Manufacturers offer various beautiful shades of green to create a winter decor. A pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is characteristic of the rooms, decorated in cool colors in combination with delicate mint greens on the upholstery of furniture.
  • Red colors, being very diverse in their range, come to the fore for the interior of the cold season. Patterns on fabrics, furniture details - will create the necessary coziness.

The modern interior in brown tones is universal. It can be characterized both as winter and as autumn. It all depends on the parts and accessories. Shades from dark chocolate to beige and sandy are suitable for decor, diluting cobalt blue and sky blue.Incredible color combinations in furniture, draperies of windows, walls and ceiling are able to embody the most daring design decisions. It can be like a warm European winter, and a cold snowy Russian with an abundance of white, which symbolizes the snow. The interior will be unique in pink colors, it is ideal for the bedroom or room of a teenage girl.