Decor elements that will decorate any interior

Each of us dreams of a house or apartment of his dreams, where every thing, every detail will be imbued with warmth and comfort. In addition to furniture and various trifles, simple elements of decor will help.

About how to give preference to how and how to place them all in such a way that there is no accumulation, and the discussion below will go.

1. Photo. Of course, what kind of comfort can we talk about if the room is not filled with the warmth and care of loved ones? This can be achieved by hanging small photos on the walls of framed friends or relatives. This option is suitable for the bedroom (where the photos can be more intimate), and for the living room (where preference should be given more fun pictures). Photos - this is the best way to always be close to loved ones, even if they are far away.

2. Shade. Beautiful lamps and majestic floor lamps and now enjoy great popularity.Curly lampshades will help to make them even more attractive. The easiest way to get such a thing is to visit the online store in Kiev and buy the necessary components and at home create a real work of art with the help of fabric, colored paper, glue, scissors and beads. You can also purchase a carved lampshade, the bottom of which is carved with beautiful patterns. Such a thing will give any room a kind of charm.

3. Candles. Candles are a great choice for true romantics. They not only help to save a little electricity in the house, but also give the room a mystery and refinement. Candles can decorate fireplaces or various shelves as ordinary ornaments. For this purpose, it is better to choose figured candles, for example, in the form of an angel or a cute kitten. For apartments in a classic style, you can pick up shaped candlesticks and put candles on the ceiling, above the sofa or shelf. There are many options, just connect your imagination.

4. Appliques on the wall. This option is very relevant for families where there are already young children. Multicolored butterflies, rainbow, starry sky map, fauna ... Here is a small list of applications,which can decorate the walls of the bedroom or living room. There are special fluorescent images that glow in the dark or begin to move. Such pictures are suitable for adults. But if there are no funds for expensive materials, you can stock up on the desire to work with colored paper, scissors and special glue and create a wonderful application yourself. You can connect to the process of creativity and the child - he will be pleased to know that he was a participant in such a grand project.

5. Mirror. Strange as it may seem, an ordinary mirror is able to visibly revitalize the interior and please its owners. First of all, this way you can hide bumps on the wall, holes from nails or buttons, scratches on the wallpaper. In addition, if you place a mirror directly in front of a beautifully decorated wall, you can achieve a stunning effect! The room will come to life and will look much more cozy and fascinating.

6. "Hanging" on the chandelier. Yes, with simple pendants on the chandelier you can diversify the room with bright colors. Pendants can be different: from simple multi-colored threads (it is better to choose thick threads, for example, wool or floss, folded several times), to twisted strips of colored paper.The pendants themselves can also be decorated with small details - buttons, knots, butterflies and fabulous animals. It all depends on the mood and the room that the pendants will decorate. But it is better to refuse such an option in the kitchen, where all this beauty can be damaged by fire or provoke a real fire.

These are just a few options with which you can decorate any interior. All these things are simple, but very beautiful and unusual.