Crop sheepskin - season hit

Sheepskin coat is a practical and stylish thing. It is warm enough, and perfectly warm in the winter frost. But today we will talk about cropped coats - short models, which were especially chosen by the designers of many fashion houses. Of course, this option does not give a full sense of warmth, if you need to spend a long time on the street, but such a thing would be an excellent choice for car enthusiasts and dynamic women who are constantly in motion (there is no time to freeze like that).

Find your "favorite"

Classics are always in fashion. Therefore, choosing the usual thing with a fur trim - you will not regret it. Looks expensive and beautiful.

For those who love more original options, stylists recommend to pay attention to the model "aviators" with wide lapels. It makes them look like jackets.

You should not worry, with such detail of clothes it is quite combined both womanly romantic, and business, and even sports style. The latter echoes perfectly with a suitable finish - iron zippers and structural seams.

Another unusual style, which is increasingly chosen by the fair sex - combined. Suede + leather, matte + glossy leather, different types of fur.

The trend also asymmetric models that look very extravagant.

We select a pair

Crop sheepskin is an original thing. But who will it suit? Such outerwear has virtually no age and weight restrictions, provided the right choice.

For example, slender girls can afford a model to the waist, and women with outstanding forms are better to prefer a little more elongated options.

Now let's figure out what to wear such things. The main style is urban. Therefore, experts recommend to use underneath winter options turtlenecks and sweaters with a high neck. They will be a reliable protection against cold. It can also be knitted sweaters without a throat, but then the image will need to be supplemented with a scarf or a snood.

Pants, especially high-rise - must-have fashionistas. Leggings and skinny jeans will also do.

The undoubted advantage of crochet-sheepskin coat is that under them you can safely wear a skirt of almost any cut - a pencil, a trapezoid and even a magnificent one.In the cold season, you can wear a warm maxi skirt. With a black model, leather skirts will look very stylish.

Dresses also fit. It is better if they are knitted. If you like long sweaters or tunics, get them out of the closet. In a pair with a sheepskin coat and catchy costume jewelry will look stunning.

From accessories it is necessary to give preference to capacious bags or models over the shoulder. Trendy backpacks now free your hands and give an extra touch of style.

As for shoes, everything is completely democratic. You can wear both boots or ankle boots with heels, and boots with low speed and even with tractor soles, if it is, for example, a suede sheepskin coat. Girls who have warm sneakers in stock can create a stylish sports image.

The only condition is that the shoes must be matched in color with one of the things.

Important in the process of selecting the ensemble and the color of outerwear. So, the black sheepskin coat goes well with almost any thing. It can be safely worn and the evening dress and business attire.

Brown shades are appropriate in the style of casual, and in the style of grunge, classic and romantic, too, just look at the photo.Those who want to look more bright in the gray autumn-winter weekdays, can find things "more cheerful" - emerald, crimson, red flowers.

Crop sheepskin coat is a wonderful basic thing that will complement the many bows you have created. Experiment and do not be afraid of the new, because it is this that is the engine of our life!

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