Criteria for choosing a kitchen hood

Cooking can be a real pleasure if the kitchen is equipped with modern equipment. But staying on it is not always safe, since this room is subject to excessive evaporation. Here, as a rule, humidity is always elevated. The only device that helps to cope with this problem is the hood.

Hood in the interior of a modern kitchen

Hoods ShindoThe interiors of modern kitchens resemble the pages of a glossy magazine. They have a lot of metal and glass parts, all surfaces have perfectly even proportions. In the tiniest rooms, designers take into account every centimeter. Here there is a place and a coffee grinder, and a huge refrigerator.

Of course, the leading place is given to the plate. All her household activities are concentrated around her. Without much effort, modern plates delight us with well-baked meat, pies with all sorts of fillings and healthy dietary dishes.

Modern stove many associate with the hood.This is a smart device that protects not only furniture and walls, but also the health of the owners. Without it, kitchen accessories very quickly come into disrepair and are covered with bloom.

But how to fit it into a modern interior? There are no difficulties in this, since fashion has touched this device as well. It, as well as the other kitchen equipment, looks stylish and easily joins the general situation.

Air purification methods

The functional purpose of the device is to clean the air. Air purification methods are provided by the manufacturer.

He can be:

  • recycling;
  • flow through.

The principle of operation of the flow-through cleaning method is that the air inside is discharged outside the room.

The recirculation method is more complicated. It consists in the fact that the air is not discharged to the outside, but passes through a complex system of filters and ultimately remains in the room.

A feature of the flow hoods is their high efficiency. In addition, they are comfortable in everyday use, because the consumer is spared from having to search and change filters.

Design features of various models

The choice of hood depends on its performance and the overall interior solutions.

Modern stores offer several options for hoods:

  • Embedded. They are usually mounted in wall cabinets, and the design feature is the presence of a sliding panel. The advantage of this option was its compact design. The model does not make the interior visually heavy and copes with its functions.
  • Domed. Externally, this model resembles an ordinary dome, which is located directly above the stove. Fastening is made to the ceiling or wall. This is usually a flow device. Its design can be selected to the kitchen. The technical features of the dome hoods are about the same, they differ mainly in size and design.
  • Suspended. This option is also attached to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. Its advantage is again a small size, which is very convenient for small-sized kitchens. Suspended hoods are available on the market in recycle and flow type. These are the most cost-effective models, since the amount of air they can pump is relatively small.
  • IslandOf all the offers of the market, this model is the most powerful, it cleans the air even in the next room.

You can learn more about modern options in the Shindo hood online store. A model of any design must be not only powerful, but also beautiful. Household appliance design can play a major role in the purchase.

Management and additional functions

The cost of any model is determined by the presence of additional functions.

Useful options include:

  • backlight;
  • auto power on;
  • timer.

As for the control of the hood, it is carried out either by means of sensors or by using buttons. Remote control is provided in the most expensive multifunction models.

Is it difficult to install the hood yourself?

Hoods ShindoEach model is accompanied by intuitive instructions. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can install any device yourself. It is important to observe safety precautions and take into account the features of the model.

For example, installing a flow model requires a lot of effort. This appliance is connected to a common ventilation system.This method requires the installation of an anti-return valve, otherwise the air withdrawn outside the room may return.

Manufacturers accompany the installation instructions with a special card on which the mounting plate is applied. The consumer will need to attach the card to the wall and perform the markup. The main thing when installing the hood yourself is to correlate the dimensions of the product with the location.