Colored paper Christmas tree

Who said that the main symbol of the New Year must be cut down in the forest? Let the lively Christmas tree please the forest inhabitants, and on our holiday it can be successfully replaced by a no less beautiful and very original tree made of colored paper, which even children can make with their own hands. For children this herringbone will be even more interesting than a normal living spruce.




  • atoiletpapersleeveorahomemadecardboardcylinder
  • greencoloredpaper;
  • papernapkinsofdifferentshadesofgreen;
  • PVAglue;
  • scissors;
  • a simple pencil.

Getting started.

Of the zele We cut out the half-oval - this will be the basis of the tree crown.

 The basis of the crown of the tree

The basis of the crown of the tree

We cut napkins into small enough squares

Now we grease our semi-woven glue and begin to glue the pieces of napkin to it.We use a pencil for this: at first we gently squeeze each piece around the tip of the pencil, after which we press the tip to the greased surface. It turns out that only the central part of the square is glued, and the edges remain raised upwards.