Chitting - breaking our diet

To lose weight, many resort to diets. This method is really quite effective, but how to hold back and not to break? To do this, clever nutritionists have come up with a reading. And what is it, how is it carried out?

What is chiting, why is it needed and how does it work?

Nutritionists monitored their patients and concluded that many people could not follow a diet all the time. Because of this, of course, there are breakdowns. And well, if such a breakdown meant the use of something forbidden in small quantities (for example, a piece of cake).

Allow yourself harm

But if there was a “raid” on the fridge or even more on the store, then nothing good will come of it. Passed with such difficulty, the kilograms will return again and, probably, in an increased quantity. And so nutritionists came up with cheating. From English, the word translates as "deception", "scam." In fact, this technique is a hoax.

What is chitting? What is its essence? This is a day or a few days during a diet, in which you can relax a bit and eat what the diet prohibits.But what is the deception? To understand this, you need to get a little deeper into the essence of what is happening during the diet.

Losing weight limits the intake of carbohydrates and fats. As a result, the body receives much less energy. And the energy that previously did not have time to be spent and was sent “to the reserve” on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks and settled there in the form of extra kilograms is no longer enough even for the simplest and most vital processes occurring in the body.

Sweets can be

But the body is designed in such a way that, in conditions of deficiency, it begins to expend what is there, that is, fatty tissue. As a result, the weight goes away, but the person grows thin. Losing weight continues to limit himself in eating. But the body understands that something is wrong. Energy is less, reserves are also decreasing.

As a result, the metabolism slows down, and everything that comes from food immediately goes into strategic reserves, which are necessary in case of total deficit. Weight rises, and the person is upset and does not understand what is the matter. But here the reading can come to the rescue.

Greens and meat

Chitting is the so-called “boot” day, which is an alternative to unloading. And if such “downloads” in the period of the diet to organize regularly, you can deceive the body. He will think that everything is in order, that there is no acute shortage.Metabolism normalizes and accelerates, and adipose tissue begins to burn again. In addition, losing weight can avoid breakdowns and failures. Here is such a lie for good.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, let's list the advantages of reading:

  • It makes the diet more benign. For example, for those who lose weight is very difficult because of the need for restrictions, this option is most appropriate.
  • For many people who lose weight after a long diet, their weight freezes at one mark and does not want to go any further. Every next kilogram is given with difficulty. Chitting - a kind of shake-up for the body, which allows you to program it for proper and permanent weight loss.
  • Chitting - a kind of feast belly. But if many people who lose weight after breakdowns feel guilty about their weakness, then the reading is a planned, necessary and correct breakdown. And it will help avoid apathy and depression, which often arise when you need to give up delicacies.

Now the disadvantages:

  • Chitting should be done only occasionally. But some, having gone through the day of “gluttony”, do not want to return to the previous diet regime the next day.
  • This method is, of course, useful, but it lengthens the diet to one and a half or even two times.
  • You will still have to count the calories, since with a significant increase in their weight will not decrease.

How to conduct?

Can afford wine

How to chit? There are some rules on which your progress and results will depend:

  1. Do not arrange the "boot" days too often. Once a week is enough. But if you stand longer, arrange chitting less often. In general, be guided by your condition and the strictness of the diet you are observing (if you follow too strict a diet, you can arrange “loads” more often).
  2. Duration can also be different. Someone is missing one day, someone needs two days. But if you go to such a kind of food "spree" for three days or even more, then do not wait for weight loss, it will not work.
  3. Understand the menu. In principle, you can almost everything, because it is "loading". And still it is necessary to refuse so-called simple carbohydrates, contained in cakes, cakes, half-finished products, fast food and other "harms". If you really want all this, then use these products best in the morning.Nevertheless, it is desirable to prefer complex carbohydrates, which are spent on energy rather than going to the reserve. They are found in nuts, cereals, cereals. Also eat vegetables, meat, fruits, berries, seafood, fish.
  4. As for the amount of food consumed, then overeat is not worth it. Eat to the feeling of fullness, and not to the severity and "to the blade". And the best of all forbidden foods to eat less than dietary.
  5. Now about the daily calories. It will depend on the number of calories consumed per day of the diet, the duration of the chitness, as well as physical exertion. So, if you plan to "boot" one day, lying on the couch, then increase the daily intake of calories by 500-700. On an active working day, the increase can be 1000-1500 calories. If you plan to stretch the reading for two days, increase the daily rate by 10-20%. If on a diet you get 1000 calories a day, then doubling will be optimal. But if the daily rate is 2000 calories, then add no more than 500 calories in the period of chittin.
  6. Adhere to this ratio: 70% of the products - this is all that the body needs (that is, healthy food), and 30% is everything that you so dreamed of.

Lose weight effectively, correctly and with pleasure. The reading will help you in this.

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