Chamomile from a plastic bottle with their own hands - photo, video how to make

Chamomile from a plastic bottle

Chamomile from a plastic bottle

Every day we use a huge amount of various plastic bottles: from under the water, milk, cosmetics.


After serving their age, they become unnecessary and ruthlessly thrown away, however, do not rush. Bottles can be material for making all sorts of handicrafts.


If you want to decorate your garden, you can create wonderful birds, strange animals and beautiful plants with your own hands.


The great advantage of plastic is that it is easy to work with it, it does not require any special skills or sophisticated tools, the material is quite durable and resistant.


Any weather changes, rain or wind will not damage plastic bottle products. In addition, the creation of decorations for the garden or cottage will cost you very inexpensively, so the original design can be changed frequently.


Today we offer you a master class on making camomile.Thanks to the round shape of the bottles, the flowers are very easy to make, and the white tender daisies look cute and elegant.


If these lively beauties do not grow on your site, then crafts can be a life-size flower and imitate a flower bed, while live daisies will be perfectly complemented by giant plastic neighbors. It all depends on your design and fantasy. So, take time, patience and imagination, and you can proceed.


Video: how to make a daisy out of plastic bottles with your own hands



Instructions for creating chamomile


The first step is the selection of material. Opaque white milk bottles are best for colors, because they will not need to be painted, and the texture itself is very pleasant. Recall that before starting the packaging, you need to thoroughly wash and degrease.


For the middle you need something yellow, for sure an unnecessary cap or bottle of a suitable color will be found at home. The stem will be served by a metal rod, which is also a lot on the dacha.


Since we make large flowers, then at least 3 bottles will go for each. Each cut across and will use only the upper parts.We leave one of the blanks with the neck, it will serve as the basis for us, the other two will cut the neck. Now cut the rounded petals, making sure not to cut to the end.


Now we put two other parts on our base and turn down the petals. You should have a very lush inflorescence. Screw the neck cap, thereby fixing our chamomile. To make the product from plastic bottles look more natural, the lid can be painted yellow or attached to it a piece of yellow plastic. Be smart.


Chamomile from a plastic bottle


The flower itself is ready, let's start creating the stem. To do this, take a metal rod and decorate it with a thin green strip (it can also be cut out of a plastic bottle. We connect two pieces of chamomile. To do this, use special glue or heat the plastic slightly.


Gliding, he "welded" to the stalk. It is better to make several flowers to make a bouquet. Chamomile clubs or whole meadows look very original. The main thing is that the products are designed in the same style.