CDMA - what is it?

Tamara Sidorova
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CDMA - what is it?

New technologies expand our capabilities and the quality of our service. In this article we will talk about communication, cellular communication. You learn CDMA - what is it and what is the superiority of this type of connection.

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access. If you have this type of connection, it means that your phone will work only on networks of this type. The principle of operation is quite simple: the transmission channels have the same frequency, but different code. That is, temporary and coded channel separation is used. This is if in a scientific way, but then not everything is clear. Let's look at more understandable examples.

We have a receiver and a transmitter. On the one side of the transmitter, there are 3 people who speak different languages, and on the other, 3 people who understand these languages. If the transmitter simultaneously says a phrase in 3 different languages, then near the receiver, each of the three people will understand only what was said in his language, he will not notice the rest. This is an example of a kind of coding. That is, people communicate at the same time, but each under its own code (in its own language).

The GSM principle is different.Only temporary channel separation is used here. That is, all three people speak the same language, but alternately. But there are common features: information in both types of communication is recorded by cryptographic and noise-resistant algorithms, with the help of zeros and ones.

What is the advantage of CDMA?

  • For some time you can transfer more information.
  • Low power transmitter cell phone.
  • Less interference, therefore, higher connection quality.

Agree, this is enough to attract more customers. By the way, the power of this type of communication does not depend on the power of the transmitters, but on the number of people who are currently talking on this channel. Now you know what CDMA is.