Car service

My brother and I have our own small car service station. We are engaged in minor repairs, car wash, interior cleaning. There was an idea about additional services to increase profits. The brother offers to go deeper into the repair, but it seems to me that for this large investments are needed. What do you think? Perhaps there are colleagues in the shop?
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Answered on March 6, 21:20
It depends on what you mean by "minor repairs" - cleaning, lubrication, tuning? Tire do? Electrician repair? It is necessary to understand the source data to give advice.
Answered on March 6, 21:29
Aromatization, disinfection of the cabin, and there is still a smell removal service. Dry fog is called, is not a very common procedure, but, as for me, it is very vain. And the investments are relatively small - look at the equipment and liquids, maybe it will interest you.
Answered on March 6 21:34
You can cooperate with insurance companies and offer to issue an OSAGO on the spot, or calculate the cost of a hull insurance, for example. No investment at all.Or take on the implementation of any car accessories.