Can clay help with cellulite?

What kind of ways they have not come up with in order to fight one of the most hated and dangerous for female beauty by the enemy - cellulite. This concept leads many women into a state of panic, and for good reason, because the “orange” peel did not add beauty to anyone, rather, on the contrary, but getting rid of it is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

Multiple works and studies are devoted to this unpleasant disease (and how else to call it?), But no matter how sad it may sound, it is still difficult to imagine such a method that would once and for all relieve cellulite.

Many girls dream of such a booty

This enemy of female legs can appear on both full-length ladies and very thin, young and old, so you should know that cellulite is not a problem of excess calories, but rather high slagging and a wrong metabolism in the body.

That is why you should not deprive yourself of the last piece of bread, slamming into a hungry faint, and first of all understand for yourself what a healthy and proper diet is.

When you adjust this aspect of your life, you can confidently step over to the next step, which will affect you not from the inside, but outside - the use of clay to combat the "orange" crust.

This natural material has long been known for its miraculous properties, it has a fairly wide range of effects, also affecting the main problems of the skin.

To date, there are a number of products that promise a stormy anti-cellulite effect, but, to our great regret, having tried most of them, many women, in the end, prefer natural remedies. Why is that?

The fact that cellulite requires complex treatment, it must be remembered that in fact the problem is "from within": subcutaneous fat is formed due to impaired metabolism and lymphatic stasis, that's why it is necessary to influence the problem zone from all sides.

An excellent solution to this problem is the version with clay, because it has a lot of positive effects for the whole organism and for cleaning the subcutaneous layers separately. Among the huge variety of varieties of natural clay from cellulite, blue, black and white are deservedly considered the most effective.

They possess the necessary spectrum of mineral salts, vitamins, micro- and macroelements, which are necessary to combat the "orange peel", the restoration of balance and harmony of the body. By the way, the use of such gifts of nature originated in ancient Greece, it was there that the first cosmetology recipes were found, which were based on the use of various types of clays.

Use for masks and scrubs.

Not surprisingly, in modern beauty salons, it is clay wraps, masks and baths that have become one of the most popular and recognized methods for combating cellulite.

In order to achieve a good and pronounced result, it is necessary to do a whole course of procedures lasting 2-3 months. To achieve the maximum effect, it is sufficient to perform such procedures 2-3 times a week, and at the end of the course, attend preventive sessions.

By the way, you can easily fight with the "orange peel" at home, there is nothing complicated about it, and the effect is absolutely equivalent to salon procedures.

The only thing is that it is important to regularly devote the necessary amount of time to this activity in order to achieve real success.When asked which clay helps the best for weight loss and cellulite, it's safe to say, blue.

But here it is necessary to introduce a very important amendment: weight loss will not be due to the disappearance of subcutaneous fat, but due to the withdrawal of excess fluid from the tissues. Of course, this will help you as a result of such a procedure, throw off 1-2 kg, but remember that this is a temporary effect that will disappear as soon as the body of water in the body is restored.

Therefore, losing weight due to clay is nothing more than a PR move of cosmetic salons, it is necessary to remember that clay has an effective effect on cellulite.

Why blue clay?

It is also sometimes called Cambrian, and the increased efficiency and a huge amount of useful substances are associated with its rich chemical composition.

Blue clay is unusual even for its peculiarities of origin: it lies in the depths of the earth, is scattered throughout the most diverse areas, and it is probably with this that its strong therapeutic and cosmetic means are associated.

The procedure can be done at home

In addition to its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of the skin, which,in fact, is its main advantage in the fight against cellulite, it is also able to get rid of dead skin cells, increase its smoothness and elasticity, and also has a strong antiseptic effect.

Another indisputable advantage of blue clay is its ability to “give away” just as many nutrients and trace elements as a particular organism needs at the moment, so you can not be afraid of oversaturation or overdose with mineral salts or other elements.

What other types of clay?

Of course, the use of wraps and masks from other types of clay, for example, white or black, is also very effective from cellulite, because they have a set of other, less pronounced, but no less useful properties.

For example, white clay perfectly removes the processes of inflammation, has a disinfecting property, removes toxins and significantly narrows the pores.

Variety is impressive

Black clay is rich in useful elements - potassium, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen - and this is only a small amount. It relieves irritation and redness, soothes and refreshes the skin, making it velvety and elastic.The fight against cellulite - is included in their abilities, but is not the main one.

Along with a large number of useful properties of clay, it is difficult to bring at least some contraindications, because, in fact, the use of any type of clay is a safe exercise, although there are some unpleasant exceptions.

Remember that the occurrence of individual intolerance to one or another type of clay is a random affair that can affect anyone.

For example, bathing with diluted clay sometimes causes allergic reactions - redness, skin irritation and pustular rashes. However, such cases are extremely rare, so you should not be afraid of them.

How to use clay?

It is believed that the most effective method is wrapping; for this, we mix any kind of clay with warm water so that a thick, gruel-like consistency is obtained. Apply it on problem areas of the body with a thick layer, wrap with cling film and put it under a warm blanket for 30-40 minutes.

The next popular procedure is a clay mask. To do this, again, we dilute the clay with water, apply it to the cellulite area, wait for drying for 15-20 minutes, then wash off and lubricate the skin with anti-cellulite cream.To heighten the effect, you can add essential oils or red pepper to the clay.

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