Calculating the cost of warm floors

Components of the cost of electric floor heating

To give a clear answer to the question of how much it will cost to install a heated floor, it is necessary to list all of its components. This is the cost of all the necessary components of the heating system, the cost of installation works and the cost of operation, that is, how much a warm floor will consume electricity and gas.
Directly, the price of a warm floor depends on such basic components as the heating element of the system (film, cable or mat) and the control system (equipment and automation that performs thermostatic functions).
Heating, or rather its intensity, is regulated by the control system, which can be based on one thermostat from two possible types. The first type includes thermostats with simple use and control. Due to this, their cost will be somewhat lower. The second type includes programmable thermostats.They allow you to set a certain temperature at different times. Most often, the day is divided into four periods. In this case, the cost of a warm floor will increase, since such thermostats are expensive. However, this control system will allow you to significantly save energy consumption. Respectively, operational costs will decrease.
The final cost of a heated floor is also influenced by various fastening elements of power and heating cables. It is important to remember and realize that if you decide to purchase a heated floor and have saved up a certain amount of money for this, do not save on such “trifles” as it may seem at first glance, as fasteners. After all, it depends on them the performance and quality of the entire heating system as a whole.
Directly, the purchase of a warm floor is only the first stage. The second most important stage of work is its installation. The final cost of a heated floor directly will also depend on the price of installation of the entire system. The price of a warm floor will increase proportionally with the price of installation. And, in turn, its value depends on various factors.Among them, the degree of readiness of the object for installation, the need for thermal insulation, the type of fasteners used, the type of coating material. It is quite clear that the more expensive the installation components will be, the more labor it takes to install such a floor. Accordingly, the final price will be higher.
To put an electric floor heating, you need to perform a complete repair of the floor in your home. After all, it must be hollow inside to make room for heating systems.
Buying warm floors will not only make your home more comfortable, but also provide an opportunity to save on utilities.

Components of the cost of water floor heating

In addition to electric heated floors, there are also water. And the latter are no less successful. Regardless of whether the apartment or a private house will be equipped with such a heating system, both its variants can, in principle, be used both there and there. True, there are still some nuances, their pros and cons.
Water heated floor is considered a heating system with a rather low temperature of the coolant itself. It can be directly connected only to low-temperature heating boilers that heat the coolant to 30-50 degrees C.In all other cases, the use of a three-way mixing valve with a thermostat to control the coolant temperature is required.
The calculation of the cost of a water floor includes the elements of the system used in the work: a collector cabinet, pipes, heat insulation, fittings and fasteners for connecting to the heating system, stop valves and manifolds. And, of course, the cost of installation and operation of such a heating system.
The engineer-designer will independently make the calculation of such a warm floor using special programs based on the information collected about the object. Namely: building codes and regulations adopted in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Water floor heating must be connected to an autonomous gas boiler (by the way, batteries can also be connected to it). And this is a separate item in the calculation of the cost. After all, you will need to carry out gas and hang the boiler, the cost of which is quite high.
For apartments in which the autonomous boiler is absent altogether, this type of heating is not suitable at all. The fact is that apartments connected to central heating are too dependent on the schedule for switching on the heating installed by the utilities and directly from the work of the public utilities.
Therefore, if you plan to install a heated floor in the apartment, it may be better to choose an electric floor heating.
In general, the installation of any warm floor is a very complicated and time-consuming process. And you need to trust him only professionals.
The cost of a warm floor must be formed individually for each individual object.