Bored of what to do on the Internet?

A bored person coming up to a computer, involuntarily thinks about what people did before, when their home did not have access to the global network? If there is absolutely nothing to do at home, the Internet will definitely help to get rid of boredom, because here you can find classes and information for every taste. You still do not know what to do on the Internet when you are bored? Then we will help you find a lesson for your interests.

What to do on the Internet when you are bored

Social networks

Boring ... What to do on the Internet - it does not occur to ... Look, for sure, in the next tab is already open some social network. A huge number of people are now registered in social networks. Register in contact, in classmates or on Facebook, where you can create a personal page, chat with friends, watch their photos, share your news, join interest groups and even watch movies and listen to music.

What to do on the Internet: online games

Is it boring Does time stretch like an eternity? Online games are the most effective way to kill time! Moreover, it is to kill, because you really do not feel it.

  • Browser online games do not require the purchase of a disc. This game can be found through any search engine. You can even define the scope of the game or its genre (for example, games for girls, games about animals or simulators, arcades). A popular site is the world poker room.
  • For online client games, you need an installation disc. After installing the game, a person can enter the game world and meet other real players there. Such games have richer graphics and have interesting interesting variants of manipulations. An example is the popular game World of Warcraft or the famous online game Counter Strike.

Reading news

Judging by the research, almost all respondents use the Internet to read news or search for a specific news.

  • Major news about politics, culture, business, sports and social life can always be found on
  • Slightly less popular, but a site with regularly updated news feed is also useful.
  • The state information and analytical agency of the Russian Federation is here.

Music and movies

  • The most popular torrent tracker at the moment is (before it was called
  • Users download music from where you can find a specific song through the search, indicating its name or artist. It is also possible to see the currently popular hits that are regularly updated. This feature is useful for those who are tired of their playlist, and they want something new and interesting. New mp3 are presented in a separate section.

A photo

Do you like photography or having fun with images using different editors? You can do this online. The popular online photoshop editor will allow you to modify, decorate and transform photos even to the most inexperienced user. Useful tabs "correction" and "filter". In the first, use the cross process, and in the second a magical glow. Surely, you saw similar effects on social networks in albums with your friends, but did not know how to do it.

What else to do on the Internet when you are bored? Pay attention to the areas that may be useful and interesting to many users ...

  • The cost and prices for a variety of products can be viewed by selecting your city.
  • Lovers to read, do not miss the huge electronic library on
  • You can engage in self-development on the Internet in a variety of areas: makeup lessons, photo processing, playing the guitar, drawing, shaping, nails, dancing, a foreign language, and more.
  • Sit on the mail in questions and answers. Thousands of people can quickly answer your question, and you will kill time by answering all sorts of questions that interest other users.