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Having once decided to use as little as possible purchased chemicals in domestic affairs, I began to look for alternative options for replacement. Looking for and studying various recipes, I came to the conclusion that you can quite successfully make many detergents for the house with your own hands. Today, my new experiment in this area is laundry bombs, which, as it turned out, are very easy to do on your own.
 Detergents for the house with their own hands
The composition of this home remedy is quite simple, but it acts in three directions at once: cleaning clothes from dirt, removing stains and softening. Moreover, its cost in comparison with industrial analogues is simply negligible. In addition, the sale of funds with such a triple action does not happen at all. On the shelves of hardware stores adorn the air conditioners, detergents and bleaches as separate products, which together should be added during the wash.Homemade bombs for laundry are quite compact and effective. Literally two things will be enough for washing. You just need to throw them into the washing machine drum before loading the laundry. Required components: • soda ash - 140 g; • household soap - 50 g; • hydrogen peroxide - 30 ml; • table vinegar - 10 ml; • magnesium sulfate - 10 g; • eucalyptus essential oil - 10 drops.
 Detergents for the house with their own hands
The whole process of making bombs took me only 15 minutes, but it took about 8 hours to dry them. Manufacturing Method: Putting loose components (soap chips, soda and magnesium sulfate) in a small bowl, I put on medical gloves and mix them thoroughly.
Detergents for a house with their own hands
Then pour in hydrogen peroxide and fray. It turns out a warm friable mass.
 Detergents for the house with your own hands
In 70 ml. cold water I dilute table vinegar and, pouring it into a bowl with the main mixture, mix everything thoroughly.The mass is getting hotter.
 Detergents for a house with your own hands
If you perform all these actions with your bare hands, then even the most insignificant scratch is a huge painful wound - it echoes terribly. At last I add essential oil to the mixture, mix it again. It turns out something like wet sand.
 Detergents for the house with your own hands
Now with the help of measuring spoons I form bombs , carefully tamping up the wet mass, and gently spread them on parchment for further drying.
 Detergents for your own home

I animalas this "chemistry" in the evening, so that left to dry overnight. And in the morning my bombs for linen were already dry and dense.
 Detergents for home with your own hands
For storage I they were folded into a plastic jar with a tightly screwed lid.
The ingress of moisture into the tank with bombs is undesirable. Now, a little about the components and what effect they have on the laundry: • Laundry soap has long been considered the best and harmless means for washing hands, and for washing clothes. It eliminates even the strongest contaminations with high quality. • Soda ash also perfectly removes dirt and grease stains (including sweat), acting simultaneously as a water softener. • • Hydrogen peroxide whitens clothes and refreshes colored tissue. • Magnesium sulphate gives the linen softness. • Table vinegar softens the fabric and helps to eliminate stains.