Berry Face Masks


In summer, when the table is full of ripe healthy berries, it's time to do cosmetic procedures. To create masks need a small amount of treats. Such manipulations give a miraculous effect. External application of berries helps to refresh the skin, nourish it with useful substances, increase elasticity.

Berry mask is a great way to heal the skin with a guaranteed effect. It is a source of vitamins and minerals. Treat the skin with fresh juice, prepare masks and wraps from mashed potatoes.

Rules for the application of berry masks

For such a procedure any berries that we like to eat are suitable. All of them are a source of indispensable utilities that our skin needs. The rules for creating and applying masks are simple:

select only ripe and beautiful berries;
grind them until smooth. A bowl made of porcelain and a pestle made of wood will be suitable for cooking. Metal dishes react with acids, which reduces the benefit;
add ingredients according to the recipe, mix thoroughly.

It is important to remember allergic reactions. If you have had such incidents, then check the product before use.

Before applying the suspension on the skin, it is required to prepare. Remove dirt from your face with the usual remedy. But it is better to do a steam bath or peeling. So the skin can absorb more useful substances. You can not use a mask without rinsing makeup! The mask is applied with fingers or a brush, but only along the massage lines.

Strawberry masks

In the composition of the masks of strawberries, this berry can easily be replaced by strawberries. The simplest version of the mixture to energize the skin: grind a few berries, leave mashed potatoes on the skin for a standard period of time - about 15 minutes. This tool helps to lighten freckles.

Berry Face Masks

Masks for skin prone to dryness:

with flabby skin, grated berries are combined with a moisturizer and honey. Keep for 12 minutes, remove with water;
If there are inflammations on the face, then the composition of 2 spoons of berry puree and cottage cheese will help. Cover the face with a thick layer, let the mask work for a quarter of an hour, and then remove the remains with water;
Combine yolk with a spoon of strawberry juice.If there are peeling, then pour in more oil. Leave the face for a quarter of an hour. For a thicker consistency, add flour;
to nourish the skin dairy products combine with mashed berries or juice of them.

Masks for skin prone to excessive fat:

To reduce the number of enlarged pores, several berries are poured over ¼ Art. tinctures of Kombucha, allow to stand for 3 hours. After the resulting puree is left on the skin for half an hour, removing the cotton pad. This procedure will relieve from greasy shine, reduce redness;

To clean the skin, combine the floor of a spoon of kaolin and the juice of berries. Apply to the skin for a period of not more than 15 minutes;
Combine 2 parts of mashed berries with 1 part of low-fat yogurt and citrus juice;
the recipe for the protein: turn into a foam, combine with 1 part puree and ½ part flour. Keep the skin for a period of not more than 15 minutes.

Masks for different skin types:

for all types of skin suitable ice from strawberry juice. He cope with the task of toning and renewing the skin. To create a tonic, the juice of berries is poured into molds and sent to the freezer;
The juice of these berries is a great way to fight pigmentation and freckles.Treat your skin a couple of times a day. In addition, it will relieve redness and acne if you add aloe juice;
a fine scrub for the skin, prone to fat, is obtained from ¼ st. any fermented milk product and salt. Berries are required to be wetted in the composition and kneaded on the skin. Mass then hold for another 10 minutes;
another method of clarifying the stains: puree of berries to combine with the juice of citrus. Wipe with a composition of the place with defects;
to add the missing moisture and clean the skin will help the composition of juice with milk, salt and vodka. Apply as a lotion;
Mix a spoonful of strawberry puree with yolk and any product from sour milk.

To combat aging, a mask of 2 parts of ground berries connected with 1 part of milk and honey will help. Remove after 10 minutes. To get rid of problematic rashes, add half a spoonful of yeast to 2 tablespoons of peroxidized milk and 1 spoon of mashed potatoes. Leave for no more than 20 minutes.

Strawberry lotions:

for cleaning the skin with excessive fat content and bleaching face ¼ st. Combine the juice of berries with cucumber juice and 100 ml of white wine. The composition is poured into a container of glass and infused for 24 hours;
To get rid of problematic rashes, 2 parts of berries are poured in ½ parts of hot water, covered and allowed to stand for 3 hours. After filtering.Now you need to lather your hands and wash the foam in the tincture. Treat skin after masks;
for too oily skin 1 tbsp. berries turn into puree, poured into a glass jar and pour vodka or dry wine. Let stand 14 days. Before use, dilute with mineral water.

Masks from the viburnum

With the help of the skin, prone to dryness, cope mask of viburnum. Mash berries to make juice. Grind 1 part of the mixture with cottage cheese and ½ parts of the peroxidized milk. Apply a large layer for a period not exceeding 15 minutes. To forget about inflammations on oily skin, mashed berries are combined with eucalyptus broth and flour. To add moisture to the skin, a spoon of crushed berries is combined with glycerin, honey, powdered milk, flour and butter.

Berry Face Masks

Grind walnuts to feed over dried skin. Now chop 1 part of viburnum and combine with yolk and 1 part of butter. In the composition, add the nuts to the formation of density. Smear the skin with a large layer. And in order to improve the skin tone and eliminate fatigue, frozen berries are taken. They need to scald with boiling water, grind. For dried skin, 1 part of the composition is mixed with ½ part of yoghurt products and 1 part of butter. For prone to excessive fat skin suitable composition of berries with starch and citrus juice.

To lighten skin and reduce pore size, combine 1 part of berries juice with protein, 1 tsp. juice of citrus. Suitable only for skin prone to fat. For dry skin, this mask will help: 1 part of the juice of the berries is combined with 1 tsp. cream

To help the combination skin combine protein, 1 part of hercules flakes, kefir, honey and 2 parts of viburnum juice. Berries fit frozen or fresh. When applying the mask, the mixture must be gently rubbed into the skin. This will help to clean and tighten the skin. For the return of youth and freshness of the skin in the yolk pour 2 parts of the juice of viburnum, honey, olive oil.


¼ Mix a portion of a glass of viburnum juice with 2 yolks, olive oil and melted honey. Beat the mixture, pour in citrus juice and a couple of tablespoons of vodka. This fluid is effective for treating mixed skin and non-problematic skin;
To get rid of problems and rashes, treat your skin every day with juice of berries.

Masks from currants

Masks from any currant are an excellent way to whiten the skin. This berry is suitable for getting rid of freckles: daily spread slurry on problem areas for a period of not more than 15 minutes.Berry juice has a similar effect.

The easiest way to create a mask of these berries: mash is spread on the skin. For too oily skin type and problem areas of mixed skin, red and white berries are suitable. For dry and unproblematic skin, a dark berry comes to the rescue.

Masks for skin prone to dryness:

chop 1 part of dark fruits with ½ part of high-fat yogurt product and part of butter. If you are the owner of an aging skin, then you need to replace the oil with honey;
part of the crushed dark-colored berries to combine with cottage cheese and heated milk. It's a great way to moisturize and nourish the skin;
to increase the tone, wipe the skin with ice from juice diluted with water;
To create a tonic liquid, mix black juice with milk. The face is processed twice a day. If the skin is loose, then honey is poured into the tonic, and with abundant peeling - olive oil;
1 yolk combines with berries and flour. It is applied to the skin with a large layer, and removed after a quarter of an hour with a cotton pad moistened in milk.

Berry Face Masks

For skin prone to fat:

for cleansing the face, crush 2 parts of white or red berries, combine with a part of flour.This will help to reduce pores, remove dirt from oily skin and reduce sebaceous secretions;
red currant, more precisely the juice from it, copes well with the role of tonic for skin treatment. This is a great way to cleanse, regenerate and tone the skin. Suitable as a juice in its pure form, and diluted with mineral water and a couple drops of citrus juice;
In order to tone up oily aging skin, this composition can be managed: crushed currant berries are mixed with honey. A term not exceeding 10 minutes is imposed on the face, and then removed with a contrast wash;
when flabby skin, make such a mask: combine part of the curd with 3 parts of the juice of red berries and melted honey. After application, contrast washing will also be required;
To get rid of excess fat on the skin, grind 1 part of red berries, combine with 2 parts of low fat yoghurt products. Beat until smooth and spread on the skin for a quarter of an hour;
for too oily skin, combine protein with 1 part of berries and ½ of oatmeal flakes. Rub the composition and smear it on the skin, gently rubbing. Remove after 15 minutes with hot water;
clean the skin will be able to yeast mixture.Spoon yeast poured ¼ Art. red berries juice. Vessel heading into hot water for a period not exceeding 5 minutes. Then all again frayed and put on a time not exceeding 15 minutes. For dark skin is more suitable dark currant.

Means for non-problem and mixed skin is prepared from a spoon of berries, ground with low-fat yogurt. The mask is left for a quarter of an hour, after it is removed.

To clean the skin will help the composition of clay and juice. For skin with excessive fat content helps kaolin and red berries. Dissolve ½ spoon of clay with juice of berries, hold on face for 10 minutes. For a person with problem areas, the mixture is applied to areas with imperfections.

For owners of non-problematic and dry skin, pink clay and black berry juice are suitable. The mask is prepared, as in the case described earlier. But with too dry skin, add a couple of drops of oil.

Gooseberry Masks

From ripe gooseberry berries are created excellent masks for dry skin type. For this purpose, the berries are crushed and applied to the face for a standard period of time - 15 minutes. There is a slight whitening effect.

To feed the skin with moisture, crush 2 tablespoons of berries and pour ½ tbsp. preheated milk.The composition needs to stand for 15 minutes, after which it is filtered. Berry gruel stirred with tsp. oils. On the face to keep for a quarter of an hour, and remove the cotton pad.

Mask with the effect of scrub is easy to prepare: 1 spoon of oatmeal is poured with heated milk, steamed for 5 minutes. Now combine porridge with gooseberry and add sugar. Smear on the face with a thick layer and massage for 3 minutes. Leave for another 10 minutes and remove with water.

To forget about acne and rashes, a spoonful of crushed berries is mixed with ½ spoonful of blue clay. Apply the mixture on the skin and remove after 10 minutes. This is a great way to even out skin tone.

To cleanse the skin prone to fat, chop a spoonful of berries, preferably greenish, combine them with ½ spoonful of starch and a pinch of soda. Rinse the face with cool water and apply the mixture as a scrub.

To supply moisture to the dried skin, gooseberry is combined with fermented milk products, yolks. Mix crushed berries and any of these ingredients in equal shares. For strong peeling, add butter.