Beauties are afraid of men, why?

Beauties are afraid of men, why?

Beauties are afraid of men, why?



Almost every recognized one faces this issue. Of course, one can argue with that - they are as beautiful as they can be afraid of? To admire, admire, idolize - still all right, but afraid? No, you can not be afraid of them. However, the beautiful women themselves say the opposite. Aesthetic satisfaction when looking at the beauty of a woman's face, figures and outfit are experiencing almost everything - but for some reason it is very difficult to love, just to love a beautiful woman to many men. Kravitz afraid of men, why?

So what's the deal? Why does the beauty of a woman cause rejection or even fear in many men? This question should be considered in sufficient detail to fully understand the current problem.


A beautiful woman requires special conditions!



The first caveat - men sometimes quite fairly believe that a beautiful woman requires some special conditions, attention signs and other pleasures of everyday life.The natural laziness of men and the unwillingness to look for extra problems for themselves sometimes makes them refuse to build a personal life with a pretty beauty for this very reason. Spending time and nerves on high-paying work? You are welcome! Months to do repairs and bring their homes in an increasingly attractive appearance? Just spit! However, very few will agree to lose their time on the hypothetical whims of beautiful women, although in most cases the fears and fears about this are simply contrived.

It is very difficult for a beautiful woman to find her happiness: her de facto is considered inaccessible. It is difficult for a man to overpower herself and approach a beautiful woman if he feels that she is likely to refuse. Refusal is perceived by all men, without exception, as a humiliation, and this is very striking for men's self-esteem. Therefore, it is very difficult for a beautiful, well-groomed woman to find a man for herself: the more beauty, the higher the threshold, which many simply do not dare to cross. Afraid.

In addition, many men simply do not keep in mind that a beautiful woman can be a draw. One God knows what happens in the brain of a man when looking at a beautiful woman.Someone with a feeling of easy sadness comes a false understanding of a happy family who so love to show in numerous advertisements and "films for housewives." Someone with contempt imagines a rich "papa", sponsoring a young soulless doll, allowing you to create with her for money all that your heart desires. The stereotype, created and fed by long years, is very difficult to destroy - very few people will come down to human communication with a woman whose beauty allows you to recall expensive collectible fragile porcelain dolls.


High level of aspirations.



Even if a man is sure that a beautiful woman’s partner’s place is vacant, most likely, fear will not let him go. He will think that a beautiful woman has a much higher level of pretensions than an ordinary average girl. Perhaps in particular cases, he will be right - but it is worth noting that beauty is not an indicator of the desire to live richly and beautifully. Often, a man makes a mistake by this criterion when assessing the required standard of living from the appearance of a beautiful woman.

In addition, subconsciously, no man wants to feel like “one of”, another companion, satisfying the needs of a beautiful companion.The stereotype that a beautiful woman always has a turbulent past and rich in sex and debauchery is firmly seated in the male brain. For some, this complex develops to the point that it hypertrophies into a persistent (and always erroneous) opinion that any beautiful woman is such because it is required for a lecherous lifestyle and frequent change of lovers. Few people will be able to live with a woman, when in his thoughts there will always be crowds of former, army of admirers and whole platoons of lovers, who complement and brighten up the beauty of leisure. Of course, for any woman, such an attitude is very offensive - and for this reason they very rarely find true happiness in sincere love.


That is why it is necessary to conclude a conclusion. Female beauty, if it is perfect and has no flaws, only prevents a woman from finding herself and a partner in life. She overshadows the rich inner world and an interesting personality, living in a beautiful body, she too catches the eyes of men, not allowing a man to know in a beautiful ordinary woman dreaming about happiness woman. Only a few can break through the barrier of beauty and love the beauty not for appearance, but for spiritual qualities.And beautiful women, burning with failures over and over again, more often go into themselves and put on the mask of the “ice queen”, avoiding new contacts and protecting themselves from new offenses and humiliations. This, of course, is very sad - however, it is hoped that this article will help many men to take a different look at beautiful women and finally appreciate them.