Bathroom mat

According to the recommendations of psychologists, from time to time it is necessary to change something in your life. You can start with a simple, for example - with the renovation of the interior of a particular room. Let's try to transform the appearance of the bathroom by replacing the tired and shabby soft rug on the floor with a handicraft product.
 bathroom mat
To create an original floor rugs you need: • yarn of different colors (about 1.5-1.7 kg.); • knitting needles No. 3.5 or No. 4; • hook for processing the edges of the product; • a thick needle for stapling parts; • scissors. When knitting, you can use both both yarn and threads purchased specifically for this occasion. More practical, of course, use the first option. It is great if you already have old yarn in mind. If there are no such threads in the house, you can do it differently - dissolve a few unnecessary things. Knitting a rug: a step-by-step guide. The finished product consists of a certain number of alternating squares of several colors.The number of parts depends on the size of the carpet. In turn, we make all the components for soft bedding. To do this, type 36 knitting needles and knit any pattern.
we type on knitting needles
We chose the "Chess Mat" pattern, which repeats the following sequence: 6 face loops, then 6 purl.
chose the picture
All subsequent rows are knitted in the same way.
all subsequent rows are knitted
Having finished the eighth row, the order of knitting should be changed.
 Finishing the eighth row The edges of the finished parts must be processed using a hook and threads of the same color, tying around the perimeter of each square 1-2 rows.
is necessary process
After this, you should thoroughly iron out every detail, giving all the pieces the same shape and size. The dimensions of the etched multi-colored squares may slightly differ from each other due to the different thread thickness and knot density.The obtained parts must be expanded on a free area of ​​the floor so that the squares made from different threads, successfully combined with each other. If there is a choice, it is recommended to lay next to the details of different colors, trying not to repeat. Having finished the preparatory work, you can start sewing together colored pieces. To do this, you must use the threads of the same color that were used in the design of the edges of the parts.
 Finishing the preparatory work
The Council of Life.Usually it takes a lot of time to stitch the squares. To reproduce the original appearance of the product, it is recommended to photograph the squares laid out on the floor. This will allow you to repeat the desired order without any problems.
 design of the rug
It remains to do quite a bit. Strongly fixing all the details together, you need to give the finished product an attractive look - cut off the excess threads, hide their ends where necessary. For the final design of the rug is recommended to decorate it with a fringe.
bathroom mat
To do this, you need to cut a sufficient number of blanks ˗ pieces of yarn of a certain length (10-12 cm) and strengthen them with hook.
 mat for the bathroom
Such an unusual and bright object will immediately take its rightful place in your home and will certainly cause surprised looks and delights All those who will visit your home in the near future.