The interior of the bathroom is in the details! Create comfort in every corner

In the bathroom we spend a lot of time, our morning begins here, and how this small space will be can set the mood for the whole day. Therefore, we want to share with you a few tricks of the design of the bathroom on your own, with minimal cost, time and money.

If daylight rays penetrate your bathroom, why not add colors? This will not only add style to the interior of the bathroom, but also refresh the room and give a good mood.

If you watch American films, you probably have seen such a picture - the girl lies in the bathroom, and opposite her is a shelf with a glass of wine on it. You will not spend a lot of money on the acquisition of such a shelf, and you can use it not only for wine. On the shelf you can put shampoo, soap or your favorite book, if you like to read.

A mirror with a beautiful, unusual frame will become an elegant highlight in the interior of your bathroom.

Behind the mirror, you can also install a color light.Muffled light creates a special romantic mood.

Shampoos, liquid soap, masks and other means poured into the same vials. Just do not forget that the bottles should be beautiful.

Instead of the usual hooks for towels, put a decorative ladder, which will give individuality to your bathroom.

If you make hair in the bathroom and use a lot of invisible, make for them a separate magnetic shelf. So your invisibles will no longer be lost around the house, everything will be at hand.

Attach a shelf on the wall with glass jars, in which you can store various household trivia.

It is also advisable to store all the items needed in the bath on separate shelves, and not on the sink.

If you prefer a country style in the interior, instead of shelves, you can put baskets.

Place the second curtain inside the shower room, where you can place various small items for washing.