Ashley Graham told about the persecution in the modeling world

Due to the fact that someone does not like her figure, plus-sais model Ashley Graham does not stop to go to the podium and take part in frank photo shoots. The other day, she even danced a twerk in a frank bikini for Sports Illustrated! This video made a lot of noise on the web, and the hayters again took the opportunity to advise Ashley to behave more modestly and adequately assess themselves from the outside. However, Graham is not the first to hear criticism in his address: in a new interview, the model admitted that even the bullying of classmates was nothing compared to what she heard from agents and stylists as a model in New York.

A model scout found Ashley in her native Kansas when she was only 12. Classmates even then called her no other than "our big cellulite girlfriend." At the age of 17, after the photo sessions of the local photographers did not bring her any satisfaction, Ashley moved to New York, but faced many career obstacles because of her magnificent forms, far from the ideal of that time.It was 2004, and no one really heard anything about the body kit: everyone was obsessed with female parameters, often bordering on painful thinness.