How does a man want?

Men can restrain their emotions. But they can not pacify their body. Therefore, the obvious and implicit signs of male behavior or the external manifestations of the game of hormones give out his sexual desire. Let's try to figure out how a man wants? By what signs or conscious hints can one understand that a woman is desirable for a man?

Lucid hints

Without even telling a woman in plain text that he wants her, the man makes it clear with his actions.

  1. Frank touches. If a guy touches a girl's chest, strokes a pope, tries to unbutton a blouse or climbs under her skirt, he lets her know that he wants it.
  2. Verbal hints are sexual compliments. If a man says that a woman is very sexy and praises her charms, he makes it clear that he wants this woman.
  3. An invitation to your home, as well as a hint of a desire to go on a visit to the lady, is an open sign of sexual attraction. But only if previous allusions took place.

Signs of the subconscious

The subconscious also gives arousal to the man, giving the woman signs.How to know the attitude of a man to a woman by body language?

  1. Restless gesticulations or, conversely, linked hands. A sign that a man is holding back his desire to touch a woman.
  2. Subconscious attraction of attention to their genitals: wide-spread legs, hands on a belt of trousers, hands in pockets and other similar gestures.
  3. The desire to undress and have sex is expressed in the constant correction of the details of clothing, sorting out buttons, pushing off the collar of a shirt or tie.
  4. The desire to envelop a woman with her scent can manifest itself in the proposal to throw her jacket, jacket, sweater on the shoulders of the ladies.

True, almost some of these signs may also indicate that a man is worried or shy.

Hormone signals

When a man is excited, hormone is released. The pressure rises, the heartbeat quickens, the vocal cords contract. How to understand that the guy wants a girl on the signals of hormones?

  1. Desire is intoxicating; therefore, in an excited man, the view becomes clouded: the pupils dilate, the look stops and lingers for a long time on the subject of desire.
  2. The man's voice is getting lower and deeper.Sometimes it slips hoarse notes.
  3. A man tries to recover his breath, therefore he either delays him or takes a pause in the conversation.
  4. Hand shake is also a sign of sexual arousal. It is caused by hypertension and anxiety.
  5. Unusual pallor or redness of the face - a reaction to high blood pressure and heart palpitations.
  6. Erection. Even if it is not visible visually, the man will try to appease rebellious flesh. Hence, unconscious or quite conscious touching and fidgeting of the genitals.

Bedding passion

How to understand the psychology of men and guess what the man wants in bed? Everything is simple here. Every man wants a variety of sex. What kind of diversity - no one will tell you this, except the man himself. Therefore, you only need to remember about his desire for novelty sensations and try to find out what kind of desire overcome a man. You can ask him about it directly or ask him to tell about his erotic dreams or his impressive sexual adventures of friends.