Anti-insomnia products

What to avoid?

Even if you do not have any problems with sleep at all, the last meal should not consist of:

  • Drinks rich in caffeine. And this is not only coffee, but also teas: black, white and green.
  • Alcohol, but here it is more and more individual: someone after a couple of glasses of red wine tends to sleep, and someone begins to pull on feats. Of course, in the second case, it is better to refuse alcohol drinks in the evening.
  • Foods high in fat. The body processes fat much longer than carbohydrates and protein, which means it will be difficult to sleep, and sleep will be restless. If you find the strength to give up steaks for dinner, you will also find a small bonus in the form of losing a couple of extra kilos.

What is your perfect dinner?

The answer is simple: first of all, the one that consists of products rich in tryptophan - the sleep hormone.

Record holders for tryptophane content: red caviar, Dutch cheese, melted cheese, nuts (especially peanuts), rabbit and poultry, salmon. Agree, very encouraging list! Feel free to add carbohydrates to these foods - this will allow the hormone to be absorbed faster.

Another sleep hormone is melatonin.And no other product is rich in them like cherries! During the season, give preference to fresh berries, but in winter you can buy frozen berry in supermarkets or, in extreme cases, juice (try to find with the least amount of sugar or without it at all).

Also from now on your assistant is magnesium. Of course, you can buy magnesium in pills, but it is better to get it from natural foods:

  1. nuts, especially cashews;
  2. buckwheat;
  3. sea ​​kale;
  4. oatmeal;
  5. barley porridge.

Also follow the rule: do not eat a couple of hours before bedtime.