And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time

Woman’s Day found actors who became famous in childhood, but over the years have become themselves not similar.

It is customary to admire the little ones: to ugukat, to make faces for them, to make a goat - in a word, all sorts of musi-pusi. That, in general, is not difficult - small children are all beautiful and just ask for admiration and iron-bye. And if the child has acted in a movie and has become famous, then hold me seven - adoration can reach almost a planetary scale. However, not everyone can benefit from early glory. The actors in question started out very nicely, but over the years they became far less nyashnymi, as in the years of their starry childhood. Someone fell into despair, having matured and realized that over the years, the flow of universal love and attention began to dry up, someone, on the contrary, could not stand such attention to his person and began to hide from the omnipresent paparazzi, and someone so glanced that he hit all the mean. And all of them were much nicer in childhood.

Macaulay Culkin

And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time
Photo: A shot from the movie "Home Alone-2", Getty Images

The cute boy, who famously dealt with the troubles and enemies, remained "alone at home", matured and ceased to be cute. As it turned out, in life troubles were prepared for him just at home - his own father made a significant contribution to the destruction of his son's career.

Having received a fee of $ 4.5 million for his role in the film “Home Alone-2”, Macaulay's father completely flew off the coils and inflated the price of his son’s services to an astronomical price of 8 million for the role. Of course, the greedy father was squeezing a lot of money from film producers - when Kalkin's parents decided to divorce, the lawsuit was conducted for managing the money earned, which was already more than $ 35 million. However, film producers are also able to count money - over time, they began to refuse the services of a fabulously expensive white-haired baby, especially since films with his participation ceased to bring profit at the box office.

However, Macaulay was not discouraged. He played in the theater, and in 2003 he even tried to return to the cinema, having acted in the film “Club Mania”, which, however, did not win much success. But what really made him depressed was the separation in 2011 with Mila Kunis, whose relationship with him lasted for more than 8 years.A year later, information appeared in the press that, having fallen into depression because of this, Calkin even tried to commit suicide by taking a serious dose of pills.

Now the star of the film “Home Alone” works as a concert organizer for groups such as Moldy Peaches and Har Mar Superstar. However, with the thought of the conquest of Hollywood, he did not part - this year Macaulay joined the cast of the film Changeland - the comedy drama will become the director's debut of the actor Seth Green.

Haley Joel Osment

And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time
Photo: Scene from the Sixth Sense movie, Getty Images

“I see dead people!” - the phrase that the hero of Osment said in the film “The Sixth Sense,” made him famous almost all over the world. But the experience that the little boy went through during the shooting of the film (who knows how much an impressionable child can get into the role of a character who has to communicate with the dead, and how can this affect his psyche later?) . Over the years, Haley became very stout, but his film career, on the contrary, lost weight - besides “The Sixth Sense” he appeared in 2001 with Steven Spielberg in “Artificial Intelligence”, and then flashed only in films that the audience didn’t particularly like. Whether the guy's charm diminished, or the external prettiness still matters.In general, he never found his niche.

Jake lloyd

And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time
Photo: a frame from the movie “Star Wars. Epiozod I: The Phantom Menace, Getty Images

The actor who played the young Anakin Skywalker in the movie “Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom Menace ", did not withstand the testing of copper pipes - the film was released in 1999, and two years later, Jake announced the completion of film career, citing just Star Wars shooting as a reason - they say his career, and he is completely exhausted by numerous interviews. ” Somewhat illogical, isn't it? It would seem that popularity for an actor, especially a beginner (and before Star Wars, Jake acted in films and TV shows), this is not a career disruption, but vice versa ... However, Jake’s odd behavior eventually got his explanation: after the chase was detained by the police, he was charged with speeding, driving without a license, driving through a red light and resisting arrest. Jake's mother explained this by saying that Lloyd had schizophrenia, and the attempt to escape from the police was caused by the fact that the boy refused to take medicine for some time and had a breakdown.Subsequently, the diagnosis was confirmed, and Lloyd was placed in a mental hospital in April last year.

Mayim Bialik

And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time
Photo: Shot from Blossom TV series, Getty Images

The actress has become famous in childhood, since 1990 for six seasons she has been acting in the series “Blossom”. Pretty girl over the years has turned into a girl with a very peculiar appearance, and this was used by the creators of the Big Bang Theory series, inviting Mayim to play Amy Farah Fowler, Sheldon's girlfriend. Of course, in “Theory ...”, the actress has a characteristic role - a sort of ugly nerd, but in life she looks prettier. However, in addition to her unique appearance, Mayim also has a kind of voice that she successfully uses when voicing cartoons.

Edward Furlong

And they were stars: children who were spoiled by time
Photo: shot from the movie "Terminator-2", Getty Images

Having starred in the role of John Connor in the movie "Terminator 2", Edward could make a brilliant film career (well, at least play in the third "Terminator"), but alas. After the first success, he still had a couple of good roles (“American Heart” and “American History X”), but when he reached the age of majority, Furlong began to study the previously forbidden world of alcohol and drugs.Largely because of this, he was not taken to the third “Terminator” - Edward was detained several times by the police for appearing drunk in public places, and the producers did not want to get involved with the scandalous actor. Over the years, the actor has gone out - his face with dark circles under his eyes eloquently reports about his master's bad habits, and, although his filmography includes more than a dozen films, one cannot, of course, be called a star.