Anastasia Volochkova: “Dolphins are immensely good. I am delighted!"

Anastasia Volochkova is filming a new TV show. Under the scenario, the ballerina will swim with dolphins. The first meeting with partners in the shooting Volochkova brought in complete delight.
Anastasia Volochkova now also swims with dolphins.
Anastasia Volochkova now also swims with dolphins.
Photo: “Twitter” Anastasia Volochkova

August 2012 is rich in revelations of stars. Dima Bilan admitted that he was afraid of weddings and funerals, andAnna Sedokova told that poverty scares her. The time has come for Anastasia Volochkova to talk about her fears.

Having accepted the offer to participate in a new TV show, which is being filmed in Kiev, and within the framework of which Volochkova will go swimming with dolphins, the ballerina recalled her long-time phobia. “I'm flying to Kiev. Swim with dolphins ... Who knows this is dangerous? I'm a coward. I'm scared of fish. But with dolphins you need to swim for a TV show. I believe they will take care of me ... Producers or ... Dolphins, ”Anastasia Volochkova said on Twitter.

Soon a photo appeared on the microblog depicting a ballerina by the pool with dolphins. The picture Anastasia signed in her own emotional manner: “Dolphins are immensely kind, affectionate, intelligent and ... humane creatures. Such sunny and very hardworking. I am delighted !! ”Apparently, Anastasia coped with her fears and took part in the filming of the show.

Another star of the domestic show business, who is not afraid of fish, is singer Philip Kirkorov. True,pop king prefers fish pedicure swimming with dolphins.