An easy-to-perform way to extend the belt of your favorite jeans that have suddenly become small.

  • Elena

    The easiest way is to stop eating and increase physical activity.
    Otherwise, torment jeans cut.

  • Elena Grechikhina

    It is only necessary to cut the belt, and not to cut the back seam but to cut it to the desired length and insert a wedge. It will be more aesthetic.

  • Anonymous

    It would be possible and neater to do everything.

  • Anonymous

    give it to a professional tailor and the whole business ...

  • thanks for the idea


  • Roughly, you will not wear it. There is a prettier way: insert the elastic in the sides

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Don't do that. Buy new ones and give the old ones to someone.

  • Anonymous

    It would be good to buy new ones if the figure allows. but how can it be? the legs are too long / short, the waist is thick / thin, then the thighs are not clear what kind of .... if you live in a city and you are tortured to pick up clothes for yourself,And if in the country? And if something happened to health and at the same time got stouter / thinner? who knows what else could be ... Can you do without this method? Say thank you that you are lucky in this life. do not anger God once more

  • Sergei

    I'm a man, and I've come across a similar problem. I decided to read post.can, "connoisseur" suggest something smarter than my solution. Conclusion: Imagine yourself walking through the city with a wedge on jeans all over the ass. Idiocy? Wrong word ... with brains "specialist" does not seem very much. So, we take old jeans cut out two wedges together with the belt, unpack two side seams and embroider carefully the belt from the wedge with a belt from jeans. it turns almost imperceptibly. I changed several jeans and no one else imperceptibly. hello ,, specialist "

  • Olga

    Well, yes ... And the loop to return to the place, and type will be unnoticed ... Sergei, really, better invented. Moreover, if there is a belt, it is not noticeable at all. And the necessary "did" can be asked in the sewing workshops, where they are engaged in repairing clothes. I needed a piece of black trouser fabric so much - they gave me a choice of several cut off trousers.