Alla Pugacheva distributed inheritance to grandchildren

If you believe the rumors, the eldest, Nikita Presnyakov, the Primadonna has already donated a house near Moscow.

Now Alla Borisovna lives with her spouse Maxim Galkin in their castle in the village of Gryaz, which was built by the artist. But the singer herself has a lot of real estate. Correspondents of the program “You won’t believe!” Claim that her star rewrote to her grandchildren.

In particular, TV reporters are confident that the 26-year-old Nikita Presnyakov has already received from his grandmother an apartment in Lubyanka worth about 60 million rubles and a mansion with a view of the river near Moscow. The site area is about 50 acres, it houses a three-storey house with a spacious fireplace room, bath, jacuzzi, gym and its own marina.

Photo: Legion-Media

True, Nikita himself did not say anything to journalists about the gift from Alla Borisovna, and his bride Alena Krasnov said that this was not true.

But the correspondents of the TV show managed to talk to the neighbors, whose houses are located not far from the mansion Pugacheva.They assured that Nikita and Alain live there constantly.

According to them, Presnyakov Jr. is not satisfied with noisy parties and, in principle, he is a decent boy - a miracle, not a neighbor.