All the beneficial properties of pu-erh tea

Recently, tea with a centuries-old history has become very popular, Pu-erh, about the benefits and merits of which in our area, unfortunately, became known recently.

Pu-erh is a real treasure of Chinese culture, a very unusual product that has a whole list of healing and beneficial properties. The Chinese have long called it "tea from hundreds of ailments," which is not an exaggeration, because with proper use, as well as high-quality preparation, it is really capable of much.

It is this tea that is compared to well-aged wine, because over the years, it only gets better and is also enriched with more and more useful substances. It is believed that the first such tea was harvested in Puer County in the VII century, which, in fact, gave him its name.

In order to achieve the famous herbal taste and maximum benefit, you need to know how to brew Puer tea, which we will talk about in the future.But first, be sure to get to know him and his varieties a little closer.


In total, there are about 120 varieties of this amazing tea in production, all of them are processed in a similar way, referred to as "puer", but can have significant flavor differences. Depending on the method of fermentation, they are all divided into two main types - young Shu Pu-erh and more seasoned Shen Pu-erh.

The latter goes through all the natural processes of fermentation, from which it is considered as close as possible to the original Chinese Puer, which was harvested many centuries ago. After processing and pressing it is placed in special rooms where it can be aged for years, gaining certain properties and exquisite taste.

Elite are considered varieties, which stand out for about 15-20 years, however, cases with aging of 70 and even 300 (!) Years are known! The taste of a non-present Shen can be sharp and slightly viscous, but over the years its tastes change greatly for the better.

Tea shu differs from shen by the fact that faster methods of preparation are used for its production, artificial fermentation is carried out, thanks to which the drink will strongly resemble shen with aging at 15 years, but still with some differences.

Due to the mass popularity of Pu-erh tea, today the most popular type of shu falls into the mass market, so make it faster and cheaper. But a unique shen with good endurance is much harder to find.

It is believed that pressed Pu-erh in the form of rather large “flat cakes”, most often, is a representative of high-quality teas. Usually these cakes have a round shape, the diameter of which can vary from 13 to 30 cm.

It can be white, green or black, each of which is harvested by similar technology and using natural fermentation, however, with varying degrees and with different impurities of raw materials.

Pressed "nests" of very small diameters are usually harvested from ordinary raw materials of average quality, which remain after sorting the leaves of the highest quality. This is a massive product that has a slightly earthy aroma with notes of walnut or dried fruit.

The Benefits of an Amazing Product

The Chinese have long argued that this tea is the secret of youth, slimness and longevity, with its help many diseases are indeed treated, and also used as a powerful prophylactic.Not without reason, the real benefit of this product was appreciated not only in China, but throughout the world, by the way, it is one of the few teas that people with stomach ulcers can drink.

It is recommended for use to all people who have problems with the digestive system, prescribed for exacerbations of diseases of the biliary tract, however, while the tea should be slightly warm, but not hot.

Scientists have long proved that Pu-erh is able to favorably influence the composition of blood, in addition, its regular use can reduce cholesterol levels, and is also a powerful prevention of heart and vascular diseases.

With this product you can rid the body of toxins and slags, clean the liver, as well as regulate the gallbladder and spleen. It is also worth noting that this tea is an excellent tonic and invigorating agent, however, if it is brewed in a special way, it can also have a relaxing effect.

Also, scientists recently proved that Pu-erh is a good way to lose weight. Many studies have been conducted on this subject, which have shown that it speeds up metabolic processes, reduces appetite, and also promotes the breakdown of fat deposits.In China, Pu-erh is often added to the composition of health-improving blends, it goes well with rose, cinnamon and chrysanthemum.

How to brew?

To achieve a health effect, as well as enjoy the pleasant taste of Pu-erh, it is necessary to brew it in a special way: water temperature is 95 °, the first brewing time is 40 s, for the second and third one it takes 1-2 minutes.

Pressed tea breaks into small pieces, folds into cold water for 3 minutes, after which it must be drained and the tea poured into a liter almost boiling kettle (95 °). Tea leaves are brought to a boil, and then the fire must be turned off. Let the puer stand for about 10 minutes, at which time the water should turn into a pleasant reddish-brown color.

We can talk a lot about the benefits of this tea, is it really not capable of rendering any harm? It is worth noting that behind this product, one unusual phenomenon has been noticed - a slightly intoxicating effect that resembles a narcotic.

However, for this to happen, it is necessary to brew it too hard, and also to drink too often, so there is nothing to be afraid of. To buy such a drink in our country can be in specialized outlets in the form of pressed briquettes or plain crumbly tea.

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