A bit of glue, tape and rope, and you have a masterpiece

Needlework is a real art that brings a lot of pleasure. Well, when hand-made hack really turns out, and then nothing sticks, does not break off and does not crumble. How do masters get their jewelry so well? Everyone has their own secrets, and one of them will be discussed in this article during the master class “A Bowl of Rope with Your Own Hands”. Here are such wonderful crafts will be in the end:

To work prepare:

  • PVA glue;
  • silk ribbon;
  • colored rope;
  • bowl-shaped;
  • Scotch.

Let's get to work:

1. To start, glue tape to the bottom of the outside of the bowl with tape so that its edges extend beyond the limits of the bowl.

2. Take the PVA glue and color rope. Begin to wind the rope in a circle, glue the edges of the edges. Hold the blank by hand.

3. Continue the procedure. Make sure that the glue is only at the edges of the rope, holding them together, but not on the bowl or tape. Tape the rope as tightly as possible.

4. When the area is finished, glue the edge of the rope to the workpiece and fix it with adhesive tape. Allow the structure to dry.The next day, pull the ribbons and just take the bowl out of the rope - it will easily go away and will not damage the craft.