56-year-old wife of Emanuel Vitorgan walks with her daughter in a bikini

The actor's companion surprisingly quickly got into shape after giving birth ...

Replenishment in the family of Emmanuel and Irina Vitorgan happened in March ... At 78 years old, the actor became the father of a beautiful daughter named Ethel.

Both spouses literally dissolve in the baby. Irina says that Emmanuel flourished with her daughter, and the woman herself is happy that she could become a mother at that age. According to the actor’s companion, it took her 20 years to solve her health problems, and a miracle happened!

Now the young mother has more than enough. Maybe that's why Irina Mlodik incredibly quickly got into shape after giving birth ...

Photo: @emmanuil_vitorgan

This summer, the family is resting in Jurmala, where Emmanuel Gedeonovich has a home. The head of the family enjoys the cool weather off the Baltic coast, and also shares photos of his girls: daughters and wives. At one of these beach shots, Irina got into the frame in a ... swimsuit.

The woman turned out to be a beautiful separate swimsuit in aqua color, decorated with black lace. Fans immediately noted that she was incredibly good in him ...

“Irina looked younger this year”, “She directly blossomed with her daughter”, “Irina, you are beautiful! All women would look like that, ”subscribers wrote.

But the couple still does not show the daughter. Apparently, afraid to jinx the crumbs. However, Irina has already said that the girl is a copy of her father. Yes, and the head of the family calls his daughter the best birthday present he has ever received.