25 places you can not return alive

In the 21st century, it seems to us, civilized people, that there are no unexplored and unexplored places in science on the planet. But Woman's Day tried to remember exactly those that gave goose bumps and wherever they went!

Bermuda Triangle

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Perhaps, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle has long been in the first place in the ranking of unwanted places, from which not everyone was able to return. This area is a geometric figure with the tops of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It was in this anomalous zone that airplanes and sea vessels disappeared. This is the “birthplace” of cyclones and storms. In 1945, a group of five aircraft simultaneously disappeared from the radar, and to this day nothing is known about it. Another mysterious disappearance of the plane happened in 1965 with ten crew members. Rumor has it that there were also observed instantaneous movements in space and temporal deviations, as well as the failure of navigation instruments. Where fiction, and where the truth is, it's hard to say, not all events are documented.But who knows if anomalies need these documents?

Cursed city

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Another ominous place, which is unlikely to fall in the tourist route, is the city of Bangar, which was built in Rajasthan, India, in 1573 as evidence of the military exploits of the prince. In India, it is considered the place with the largest number of ghosts. The reason for this is a curse. 250 years ago that is why the population of the city chose to leave the buildings of the terrible town. Now the passage to it is also closed from dusk till dawn.

Ghost town

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Do you know a city called Centreilia, which is located in Pennsylvania? Once this place was a mining settlement until firemen in 1962 decided to set fire to a pile of garbage in one of the parts of an abandoned mine. It burned to the ground, but it turned out to be the beginning of the end! The fire rushed into deeper tunnels to older deposits of debris, and then into other mines. The city was filled with acrid smoke that is spreading now. In 1980, it provoked huge failures and faults. Part of the city went underground, this process continues to this day. The real gates to hell ...

Snake island

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Snake Island, more precisely, Kaymada-Grandi in the Atlantic Ocean was named so not because its top view resembles a wriggling snake, but because the most dangerous species of spear-headed snakes are found here. From the bite of such a beauty is guaranteed the death of tissue. That is why, since 1985, visiting the island has been officially banned by the Brazilian authorities. The island has become one of the most dangerous places on the planet. There have been attempts to burn wood to get rid of creeping killers, but for now they keep a tally.


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Last year, residents of Pripyat once recalled a sad date. In 1986, a biological tragedy occurred that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, made natural tracts dangerous for life, and turned the new city into a real ghost. The atomic explosion caused the release of tons of radiation, the echo of which we feel after a third of a century. Before people can return there, about 7 thousand years must pass! Today, there is extreme tourism on the territory of Pripyat and adjacent areas, including the Red Forest, which for the same reason has long changed the color of the needles. But not everyone will risk entrusting their lives to connoisseurs who promise to take you along safe routes.In addition, they say that meetings with mutants and the restless souls of those who died from radiation sickness are not excluded.