15 phrases that can not be uttered even to himself

We were so frightened by the fact that the thought is material, that we are even afraid to think about ourselves, enjoying the cake: “Well, that's all, I am provided with extra weight.” And what if the truth is prophesied? Especially for you, we collected the phrases that are most often pronounced, and asked the psychologist to comment on them: can such phrases hurt.

Hundreds of years ago, when witches were burned at the stake, and healers cured fatal illnesses and no one could assume that the 21st century would become a hotbed of esoteric knowledge and those who would preach positive thinking, mirror images of events, the practice of intention, etc. would break into the world of information .

But demand always creates supply, so the more people willing to be happy, rich, beautiful, the more those who are ready to offer the tools to master the desired.

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Here, however, that very medical principle “Do no harm” applies. If you want something for yourself, please, and do not interfere with others, since its will is unknown to you.

Many who plunged into this philosophy later open their schools and write their books.They say: faith in good, bright, good works.

So, and vice versa, a negative message is as material as the desire to own a car.

Prohibition phrases

We, of course, do not want to harm ourselves specifically. Therefore, we don’t have the goal of saying harmful words, but it so happens that in a conversation or under a cap of emotions such revelations break out, that, after winding up my monologue, you wonder: how could I even say that?

So, the words on which you should put a taboo. It:

"Wow". It seems to be the words of exclamation, surprise. And if you think? We deprive ourselves of everything, that is, we do not need anything. An interesting twist ?!

"Last time". And why? How do you know that this will not happen again? This can happen only in one case. Speak?

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— «No time". It is not true, it does not happen. There is no desire to do planning, stop wasting precious minutes on nonsense and learn how to use this resource rationally.

"No money". Such phrases should be bypassed a mile away. Money has a powerful energy system and always goes to those who really want them, and not to those who are afraid to own them. Say money on the go.

"I can not". In fact, with this phrase we say that we do not want to take responsibility, make efforts, expand our comfort zone and we like everything as it is.

Killer phrases

We all love to engage in self-criticism so much that sometimes we don’t even leave a chance for the best version of ourselves. Try to follow the week for yourself and count how many times in these seven days you uttered such terrible words:

"I'm a loser",

"I'm stupid, I'm durinda",

"I will never be happy",

“I'm ugly, I'm ugly”,

"I'm old and sick".

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Yes, sometimes we say these phrases as a joke, but we forget that at this moment the Universe hears us. Of course, because of this, we don’t turn into a woman of advanced years in a second, but the rest of the adjectives can be drawn.

Phrases predicting illness

Yes, yes, these are the “innocuous” ones that our grandmothers even threw at us. Let's remember:

“My eyes would not see you”,

“My hands are itching”,

"Legs do not carry",

"A lump in my throat stuck",

"It is difficult to breathe in such an atmosphere".

Well, why so many pathetics? Metaphorical turns? Be tolerant and stop escalating the atmosphere.In fact, most of the events that occur in our life are not as terrible as they appear to us at first glance. The main thing is to breathe correctly and never, hear, never tell your children:

"Do not slouch, and then the hump will grow",

“Do not watch TV for a long time, or else you will go blind”and etc.

It is imperative to know the words “pushers”, “levers”, and most importantly, do not be afraid to give yourself a “magic pendel” from time to time. For example, they can be the phrase “I can do everything” written in lipstick on a mirror in the bathroom or printed on a note placed in a purse in a transparent pocket “I intend”.

Such prompts should always be in a prominent place for you, because we so easily curse ourselves, but so rarely support. Agree, it is nice to start the morning, seeing the phrase "I am the most beautiful girl in the world" next to my reflection in the mirror and drink coffee from a cup with the inscription "Today is my best day."

Whatever you call it, affirmations, programming - everything works according to the same principle.

As soon as you believe it, you, the Universe will believe it!
With the question of whether or not to believe in the theory of positive thinking, Wday.ru turned to psychologist Natalya Shevtsova:
Natalya Shevtsova

- Positive thinking has a good effect. There are even concrete examples of how, with its help, some people have been able to overcome serious diagnoses, such as cancer.

Many great philosophers and psychologists have in their arsenal a familiar expression on this topic: “the fallen in spirit dies earlier”; "Hope dies last" and the like. Now only the lazy does not call for positive thinking, and this, of course, is good.

The main thing is not to bring the principle to the point of absurdity, suppressing all negative emotions, because there is not a single creature or element in the world that would be useless, which means that negative emotions do not exist meaningless and suppress them more expensively.

You should not make a catastrophe if in line you were stepped on or a purse was stolen on the bus. But if some person or situation makes you angry or angry, then smiling at that moment and trying to look for something positive is tantamount to adhesive plaster on an open fracture, and this approach can lead to psychosomatic diseases or nervous disorders.

Be adequate in your reactions and more often listen to yourself and your body. No need to smile when you want to crush everything around you.It is better to find out the relationship and dot the i, it will help kill two birds with one stone: save your health and avoid similar incidents in the future.