15 brilliant kitchen life hacks that will be useful to everyone

Family dinner is not just a meal. Delicious hot food brings people together after a long day. During a good dinner, people relax and rest. But one person must continue to work in the "second shift", becoming the stove ... Fortunately, there are some tips that can facilitate cooking, and reduce the time that will have to spend. Use them in your kitchen, and the whole family will be happy.

Very quick cook pasta

For a hungry person, even a few minutes, which are needed to boil water, can be a real test. Cook spaghetti not in a pan, but in a wide pan. Due to the larger area of ​​the bottom, water will boil faster, and for a paste you will have less of it. Right here you can add sauce.


Another way

This advice is for those who live alone. It turns out you can cook pasta in the microwave.With this method of cooking every minute will need to check the readiness of the dish and stir it. But you can cook as much as you need for one dinner.


Check the pan or pan temperature

Professional chefs recommend cooking only on very hot dishes. There is even such advice: when you think that the pan is hot, wait another 5 minutes. But you can do it easier by dropping a couple of drops of water onto the surface. Drops should bounce and curl up into a ball. Before cooking, water should be removed.


Onion preparation for the future

Onions are a part of so many dishes. And many people hate cutting it. Instead of shedding tears over the board every evening, chop the onion on a food processor and freeze. Will only take the right amount from the freezer.

Learn to make poached eggs

This method of cooking eggs allows for a delicate texture and refinement of the dish. If you still do not believe that you can boil an egg without the shell, be sure to try this recipe. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the boiling water with salt, it will help separate the protein from the water.To the egg does not spread out, make a funnel in the water, stirring it with a spoon in one direction.

Fix cutting board

Put a wet towel or paper napkin under the board and it will not travel around the table.

Marinated Chicken

Spend the evening on cutting meat, and every evening save time preparing dinner. Chicken legs or breast marinate in your favorite sauce (even a mixture of salt and pepper is suitable) for half an hour. Then send the meat to the freezer. In the evening, it will remain to put a piece of frozen chicken in the oven, and turn on the timer.

Make fragrant oil

Such an addition will turn any food into an exquisite gourmet dish. Mix the soft butter with chopped herbs and freeze it in cubes. You can also add grated garlic. Melt this butter in a pan or add it to hot side dishes.


Like clockwork

Some ingredients, such as molasses or honey, are very difficult to get from the dishes. Lubricate the walls of the measuring cup or stewpan with vegetable oil. And the process will go faster.

Defrost oil quickly

If the recipe requires soft but not melted butter, and your piece to the last lay in the freezer, use this advice.Heat the plate and glass thoroughly in hot water, and place a piece of butter between them. If the piece is very large, take a deep bowl instead of glass.

Cut vegetables easily

If you need to cut something into small pieces, wipe the blade of the knife with olive oil. The knife will slide over the vegetables, and the pieces will not stick to it.

Cook hard boiled eggs on the grid

After boiling in water for 10 minutes, remove the net and place it under cold water. So you very quickly clean them from the shell.

Soften zucchini before cleaning

Zucchini dishes are very tasty and healthy. And if in summer, young zucchini is very easy to clean, then autumn vegetables have thick thick skin. Before cleaning them, hold the courgettes for a few minutes in the microwave.

Easy to clean the cast iron skillet

You should not discount this type of tableware. After all, the food cooked on it is the most useful. And in order not to suffer from cleaning, pour a handful of coarse salt on the surface, pour water on it and boil it.

Thanks to these techniques you will be much easier to cope with cooking!