134 Christmas gifts: ideas for every budget

When it was the very time for shopping for New Year's gifts, I had the idea to give friends a geyser coffee maker. All my friends are very fond of coffee, therefore, I believe that this gift will be for them not only pleasant, but also useful.

I myself have been using the geyser for quite a long time, about 4 years. A friend from Italy brought it to me as a gift. The main principle of geyser coffee maker is that coffee is brewed by passing hot water under pressure through a layer of ground coffee. By design - it is quite a simple device. Geyzernaya coffee maker consists of three parts: the bottom - for water, medium - for coffee and the top - for the finished drink.

Water from the lower compartment, boiling, rises and passes through the ground coffee into the upper compartment through a special high tube.

The coffee making time in a geyser coffee maker is about 5 minutes; this is a simple and quite convenient coffee maker, which allows you to make a cup of coffee quickly and without much hassle.

Having looked on the Internet for options of geysers and prices for them, I found my exact one, with a baleen little man. For me it was also important to keep within the budget for New Year's gifts, and the geyser approached. Coffee maker Bialeti, and the so-called company, which has a little man on its logo, can be purchased up to 2 thousand rubles. I found an excellent store on Pushkinskaya near the Vitebsk railway station. They have all the coffee makers in stock, they can be viewed "live", and the prices are the lowest among the online stores of St. Petersburg.

For my best friend, I took a Bialetti Kitty geyzer coffee maker designed for an induction cooker. For my mother, who is crazy about cappuccino, I bought a Mukka Maculata coffee machine, it is certainly more expensive than 2 thousand rubles, but my mother loves cappuccino, and this is the only geyser coffee machine that prepares cappuccino itself. For a friend, I bought a classic - Bialetti Moka Express. And for her sister, who finds not only quality but also style, she took a very beautiful golden coffee maker Bialetti Dama Glamor.