10 things worth investing in this fall

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Designer clothes are expensive - we will not argue about this. But after all, we are not so rich to buy a new thing every season, and sometimes the mass market with an abundance of artificial fabrics and low-quality materials hints at this. In fact, trends for democratic brands are made much more advantageous by the invention of the industry than for their luxury colleagues in order to sell as many seasonal things as possible to a wide audience. And still, because of the low price, we often turn to available brands, not design ones. But once a year it is permissible to raise the bar a little and walk through a range of more expensive brands. Which, however, does not mean that the high price does not imply a higher quality, and certainly a memorable attractive design.

Artistic headdress

We remind you that in September the party season begins.And we know how to prepare for it in five minutes: less than a minute it will take to comb your hair and put on this beaded embroidered bead, and the remaining time you will spend on applying red lipstick in tone.

NamJosh Trim Bezel

NamJosh bezel with decorative trim (3 373 rub.)

Ankle boots with an unusual heel

Botilions in the fashion industry have been ruled for more than a decade, so you will not surprise any one classic model with a narrow nose, every second one already has black and brown colors. Another thing - artistic detail, which makes any classic fresh and unique.

Uterque heel booties with wood effect

Uterque booties with heels with wood effect (14 990 rubles)

Bright coat made of natural wool

As long as the sky is gray and the lawns are brown, you will glow from afar in a coat of the most immodest shade. Even it is not worth explaining once again, for what you need to love fuchsia or canary yellow and why the more percent of wool in the composition, the better!

Coat coat I AM Studio

Coat, bathrobe I AM Studio (21 800 rub.)

Original sneaker model

Item marked "Especially for shopaholics!". We used to hunt for the strangest and closest to the museum exhibits with shoes and sandals, and now the object of desire for fashionistas is sneakers.

Ash Sneakers

Sneakers Ash (19 437 rub.)

Jewelry set with your character

Yes, wearing jewelry in pairs or threes is fashionable again. And it's also fashionable to put in pieces a piece of your personality that is not just earrings that you bought at the sale, but your personal treasure with meaning.

10 things worth investing in this fall

SL pendant, yellow goldbracelet SL, yellow gold(to order)

Designer phone case

The era of social networks hobbies and does not think to end. In the fall of your Instagram, there will obviously be less landscapes, but more selfies - against a background of multi-colored foliage or in a mirror with a designer accessory for a couple.

Off-White Phone Case

Off-White Phone Case ($ 100)

Sportswear that also serves outside

You can never get out of this turtleneck all day: in the morning for jogging, in the afternoon for work with a strict suit, in the evening for the final yoga session in the park, and so on to infinity, changing only the bottom and adding accessories and decorations to it.

Turtleneck falke

Turtleneck Falke (4 230 rub.)

Cyrillic socks

Those who do not have a sense of humor, you can safely flip through this item. Only $ 20, but how much HYIP you provided. And don't forget to capture these socks for social networks and wear sandals to check outhow so odious trend is doing this fall.