10 most poisonous fish in the world

When it comes to the chic underwater world of one of the oceans, we are presented with flocks of the dearest colorful fish calmly passing by you. But even among these harmless animals there are specimens that conceal danger not only for health, but even for human life. As you know, informed - therefore, armed, so here is a list of the 10 most dangerous representatives of the aquatic fauna.

Dangerous representatives of aquatic fauna

  1. Fugu.Despite the fact that in Japan it is considered a delicacy and is very expensive, an ordinary tourist should be very careful when meeting with her. Injections with his needle, the fish releases poison - tetrodotoxin, capable of killing a person, because there is still no antidote to it. It is located on the skin and in the internal organs, so it is strictly forbidden to cook fugu on your own. The fish reaches a length of 50 cm and is found at a depth of about 100 meters.
  2. Zebra fishIts luxurious appearance will surely attract attention, but it is worth knowing that in the beautiful striped fins there are sharp and poisonous needles.The main food of these marine inhabitants is crabs, clams, small fish. You can meet zebrafish in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Divers warn everyone who wants to touch this unusual creature - it is very dangerous, you risk getting a shock, accompanied by convulsions and cardiac abnormalities.
  3. Stone fish. Its habitat is the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. Its size can reach half a meter, and the favorite places for hunting are stones, reefs and dark algae. The body of the fish is covered with knolls and outgrowths, for which it is also called wart. On the back is a row of fins with poisonous spines. Stone-fish digs into the sand, leaving only its fins on top, to which algae often cling, making it invisible and even more dangerous. If due to carelessness come or hook it, you can get an unpleasant injection of spikes, the poison of which is deadly to humans. The most frequent cases of meeting with a wart were recorded in Egypt and Thailand.
  4. Sea dragon.The most poisonous fish of the European continent. You can meet her in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, as well as in the Black and Japanese seas.Dragons, small and unremarkable in appearance, love to dig in the sand, leaving only the head on top. They are quite aggressive and dangerous even for those who swim near the shore. If a person steps on a dragon or decides to take it in his hand, then as a defense, the fish will release its poisonous thorns. The poison is so strong that the dragon remains dangerous even some time after death.
  5. Imicus. Translated from Latin means "enemy." Like many other poisonous fish, the inimicus is dangerous with its dorsal fins, at the base of which there are poisonous glands. A prick by such a thorn is equivalent to the bite of a viper. They usually live in tropical waters, but sometimes it is possible to meet the initimus in the Sea of ​​Japan, where they are caught and cooked as a delicacy.
  6. Arabian surgeon.It is equipped with two spikes on the sides and is one of the most dangerous in the world. In general, the surgeon fish is pretty peaceful and swims with the pinned fins, but in case of danger, he pushes them out, defending himself. To annoy her, you need to try very hard, but if you decide to be extreme, you should know that in case of poison from a surgeon fish, the wound should be immediately rinsed with hot water, this will neutralize it.
  7. Skit-tailThis name he received due to the fact that on the upper surface of the tail there is one or more needles. Their length can reach 35 cm. The needle itself is stationary, but when turning with a tail, the sting is capable of striking it, releasing a toxic poison. You can meet such animals in the Black Sea and in Primorye. Stingrack hits are so strong that even leather shoes will easily break, if you hooked it, lying somewhere near the shore.
  8. Shark katran.Translated from the Greek means "prickly." This name is not accidental; on the fins of such animals there are sharp thorns. And despite the fact that the poisonous glands of the katran are absent, its injection is quite dangerous for humans. The reason for this is mucus, which can be covered with thorns. It develops many harmful bacteria that can cause infection.
  9. Scorpion. The end of the dorsal fin in such fish is thorns, in the base of which there are glands secreting poison. Bright coloring and outgrowths on the body make them almost invisible among the marine flora. The Black Sea marine ruff lives in the Black Sea - this is another name for scorpions.Their favorite places are shallow and coastal areas, so if you decide to wander along the coast, you should carefully look at your feet. Despite the fact that deaths from scorpion injections are rare, its venom can cause pain shock, swelling, and heart and lung disruption.
  10. Sea bass.Very tasty and healthy fish with poisonous fins. Its injection does not cause complex consequences, but can lead to local inflammation and prolonged pain. Sea bass meat contains many vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

The underwater world is very rich and diverse, but also fraught with some dangers, so you should be careful, even going on vacation.

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