10 most famous guitarists in the world

Far from any passion that appears in our life can in the future become a matter of life, a way to make good money and an opportunity to become famous throughout the world. The people we are going to talk about today are extraordinary and very talented individuals who loved music very much and she, subsequently, gave them popularity and love of fans.

Today we will talk about the most famous guitarists in the world, in their field they have long been recognized as real pros, you want to listen to their compositions again and again, they are not boring, they are distinguished by the depth and beauty of thought.

Some of them have become the founders of some new musical trends, these are people on whom every beginner and even a professional guitarist who has a desire to achieve something more in the world of music should be leveled. I would like to separately note that our top 10 is made in an arbitrary sequence, for how can you compare the best of the world?

  • Jimmy Hendrix. Is it possible in a nutshell to describe this man who has long earned the title of "legend"? The guitar virtuoso, whose work was admired by such famous musicians as Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury, managed to make a huge impact on the history and the formation of rock music. And it's not at all that he just skillfully managed the guitar and knew how to play it almost every part of his body, but that he brought many innovative ideas to music, expanded the vocabulary of an electric guitar and its range, mastered a unique the technique of the game and managed to become a living embodiment of his own music.
  • BB King. He is better known to the world as the "King of Blues", who plunged into his element almost from the cradle. From the very young age he sang in the choir, and at 12 he already bought his first guitar, from which the story of a talented guitarist, musician, songwriter and singer began. During his long career, King has managed to greatly develop one of the most recognizable musical styles, and many famous performers have borrowed and continue to borrow unique King techniques.
  • Eric Clapton. He is called one of the most influential musicians in the era of rock, and in the list of the most talented guitarists in the world according to the cult magazine Rolling Stone, Clapton is confidently ranked 4th.Got the nickname "slow hand" for the smoothness and softness of the sound, which he skillfully extracts from the instrument. Recognized as one of the best rock and blues guitarists, in addition, is the undisputed master of the game in classical style.
  • Chuck berry. He is called one of the most influential early rock-n-roll guitarists. According to many experts, some of his compositions have become a real source of inspiration for musicians from such great bands as The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and others who once did cover versions of his compositions.
  • Robert Johnson. Remarkable is the fact that all the articles about this great musician, bluesman and guitarist are always accompanied by a single cult snapshot, because only two portraits of this talented person have been preserved in history. Most of his creative career, he spent outside commerce, entertaining people in cafes and squares, inventing and recording their own songs. As a result, he is called one of the best blues musicians of the last century, because he managed to create the basis for the work of subsequent generations.
  • Keith Richards. There are many reasons why this British guitar player, as well as songwriter, is on the list of the best and most famous.Of course, now he is not at the peak of his form, however, it was he who created the real sea of ​​various guitar parts and melodies, and his playing the guitar is always different with some zest, he always tries to change and bring something new into his work. Together with his friend Mick Jagger is the invariable "heart" of the legendary group The Rolling Stones, and also known for its unique collection of guitars, the number of which in total is about 3 thousand pieces!
  • Eddie Van Halen. It is noteworthy, but this man in his entire life did not take a single lesson from a professional, however, he managed to master and hone up to full mastery the most complicated technique of the game - tapping. Together with his brother, he founded the Van Halen group of the same name, and is also one of the first guitarists to use the tremolo system.
  • Jimmy Page. Even at a very young age, Jimmy received the fame of a gifted guitar player, while he was already performing as a session guitarist for serious bands. In the late 60s, he founded his own, known today as Led Zeppelin, and from that very moment she began her stormy ascent along the avenue of glory. As a result, Jimmy became one of the most famous composers, songwriters and music producers in the legendary world of rock.
  • Paradise Kuder. He is called the most expressive and extraordinary performer of compositions on a slide guitar. His popularity came at the end of the last century, however, the meaning of the above words has not been lost from this. Paradise is known for its masterful performance of the technique of the glissando, is a famous blues collector, folk singer, as well as a composer in the world of cinema.
  • Brian may. He began to develop his hobby at the age of seven, but, for lack of funds, he practiced on a home-made guitar, which he made with his father from oak. Later he organized a student group, and 20 years later he became the guitarist of the Queen group, where he took part in her most popular hits.
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