10 incredibly beautiful stones in the world

Jewelery with stones look amazing and delight the eye. But there are stones that can be called the most unusual and beautiful.

So, the top 10 of the most beautiful stones in the world

1. Alexandrite- This is a kind of rather rare mineral chrysoberyl. The uniqueness of such a stone lies in its pleochroism. In simple terms, alexandrite can change color, and such changes simply excite the imagination and shake.

So, in daylight, it will please the eye with different shades of green (herbal, turquoise, olive), but under artificial light it can be crimson, purple or even red-violet. This unique ability is explained by the fact that an extremely rare combination of minerals, such as chromium, titanium and iron, is found in alexandrite.

2. Pehnitbelongs to the class of borates. This stone was discovered in 1956, and until recently there were only a few specimens in the world, but in 2006 a new deposit was discovered.By the way, this mineral is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest. Painite color can vary from red-orange to brown-red.

This color range is explained by the content of iron in the mineral. The last crystals found are almost opaque and have dark tones. By the way, if you look at Peinite under the light of an ordinary lamp, it will turn green. And this is its distinctive feature, which will allow to reveal the original. But still, it is almost impossible to buy a real peanite.

3. Benitoite. This stone was found only in the United States, so it is also considered one of the rarest. But he is also incredibly beautiful. Under normal lighting, the color will be deep blue. But if you direct the rays of ultraviolet to benitoite, you can see an amazing picture. The stone will light up from the inside, as if LEDs are placed in it.

This unique property still does not have any clear explanations, although the composition of the mineral has been thoroughly studied for a long time. Since 1984 in California, this stone has been considered national precious. And its price can reach 4 thousand dollars per carat!

4. Red diamond. In the history of mankind, only a few of these minerals have been found, because a red shade for diamonds is considered extremely rare. Only a few jewelers were lucky enough to hold in hand this miracle of nature and even more work with it.

The largest copy, which is known as the Red Shield, weighs a little more than 5 carats (which is practically 1 gram), and this weight, of course, compared to ordinary white diamonds (their mass can reach 600 carats) is negligible. Currently, searches are underway, but they have not yet been able to find deposits.

5. Red beryl.If you look at the photo, you can see a stunningly beautiful stone with a bright scarlet shade with a purple tint, shimmering in the light. It is incredibly durable and even with incandescence up to 1000 degrees Celsius retains its properties.

Obtain such a mineral exclusively in the US, and only in one state (Utah). Until recently, red beryl was available only to the most wealthy and famous collectors, but to this day it remains quite rare and very expensive. The largest specimen weighs about 10 carats, which is about 2 grams.

6. Blue garnet. In general, everyone is accustomed to the fact that the garnet has a purple hue (probably, for this he received his name). But in fact, the tones of this mineral can be varied. The most common are red, pink, brown, black, orange, yellow. Much less common green, purple.


And blue is the rarest and one of the most beautiful. In the light of day, such a stone pleases the eye with various shades of a blue-green scale. But if you look at it under the lamp, it can become dark purple.

7. Grandidierite. It is one of the rarest minerals on the planet (it is in the top ten). The deposit is only in Madagascar, but the very first and most likely the cleanest specimen was found in Sri Lanka.

There are very few crystals suitable for cutting, only a few faceted stones are known in the world. Grandidierite differs pleochroism, that is, it can change the shade from almost transparent or light green to rich green or even blue. Color will depend on the viewing angle and lighting.

8. Padparaja. This unusual word translates as “morning dawn” or “sunrise”.Indeed, this stone, which, incidentally, belongs to sapphires, has a stunning pinkish-orange color, which is similar to the morning sun, which barely appeared from the horizon.

The deposits of this unique mineral are found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania. But today, all copies are extracted, and the last and one of the cleanest was sold 20 years ago. The stone is considered collectible, and one carat weight is estimated at 30 thousand dollars.

9. Pudretti. The first minerals were discovered in Canada, and the stone itself got its name due to the Pudrette family, which, by the way, still owns the mine. The first mineral was extracted in 1987, but truly pure and high-quality specimens appeared only in the early 2000s. Puretretti has a delicate light pink shade. But an ordinary person will hardly be able to look at it, since there are only about 300 minerals in the world.

10. Taaffeit- a mineral that was discovered by Count Richard Taaffe (a stone was named after him), having discovered it in a batch of gems. The shade of this stone can vary from pale pink to lavender, in the light it shimmers tremendously.

There is such a mineral only in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. But all the same deposits are negligible, so the total number of copies is small. The largest stone weighs more than 9 carats, and the cost of one carat varies from 2 to 10 thousand dollars.

These were the most amazing stones in the world.

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